Pay Per Click Icon 125px by 125px

ROAS 25:1
(Return on Ad Spend)

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Average 106% Increase in
Productive Publishers
(Quarter over Quarter)

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Average 102% Growth Month
over Month (After Month 3)


A popular, high-end food delivery service was looking to establish a full-funnel affiliate strategy, ultimately increasing publisher productivity and improving ROAS. The client was also looking to maintain and control brand messaging and promotions across all channels.


After fully understanding the brand’s KPIs and doing extensive research around demographics, psychographic behaviors, and competitive analysis, Perform[cb] Agency developed a custom playbook for this marketer that would allow them to reach their target consumer: highly educated, affluent households.  

Execution against the playbook kicked off with a full-press partner recruitment effort that identified partners with fully-aligned audiences and stellar records on brand messaging and compliance. This effort produced a highly-curated partner portfolio and diversified channel reach.


The client hit all three of their goals with the number of productive partners increasing by 106%, ROAS improving to 25:1 (not a typo), and a more consistent and controlled brand message across a diversified group of strategic channels.