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A Popular Beauty Brand Drives 53% Increase in Sales QoQ

Posted By Holly Barnes on Apr 14 2021
A popular beauty brand drives 53% increase in sales QoQ with Perform[cb] Agency. Read our case study!

Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Target Affluent Households

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Mar 11 2019
A popular, high-end food delivery service was looking to increase sales volume across traditional and non-traditional affiliates, including deal and coupon, content and review sites, influencers, mobile, video and social, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and return customer rates.

HelloFresh Sees Highest Conversion Rate Compared to Competitor Networks

Posted By on Mar 25 2020
Objective HelloFresh was looking to run a user acquisition campaign across iOS and Android operating systems. The campaign goals were to increase customer subscriptions while maintaining bids…

Subscription Box | Case Study

Posted By Holly Barnes on Mar 11 2019
A subscription box client came to Ignite looking for help increasing new user acquisition and sales volume across content sites, social influencers, and non-traditional affiliates, while optimizing towards publishers driving the highest LTV and lowest subscription churn rates.

Well Known | Athletic Brand

Posted By on Mar 11 2019
A well-known athletic brand was looking to increase average order value and increase their Return On Ad Spend through the use of promotions on deal and coupon sites.

Well-Known Personal Fitness App Increases Trials in First 45 Days With a New CPA Campaign

Posted By on Mar 25 2020
Find out how a new CPA campaign increased trials of a well-known personal fitness app by over 2,000 in the first 45 days.

Well-Known Food Delivery App Increases Spend with New Agency Partner

Posted By on Mar 25 2020
Results 7x Increased spend over the course of three months 6,700+ First Orders tracked in the first three months of the new agency’s management Objective The well-known…