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84% Increase in Affiliate Revenue YoY

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81% Increase in Orders YoY


Naturepedic partnered with Perform[cb] to advance education and demand on organic mattresses, increase market share, and achieve 5-10% revenue and order growth. Collaborating closely with Naturepedic, our teams devised a comprehensive strategy to achieve their established goals. This strategy commenced with a thorough audit of Naturepedic’s existing affiliate program, focusing on extracting low-quality publishers, reactivating inactive partners, and identifying growth opportunities.


Drawing on extensive experience in the luxury mattress vertical, the Perform[cb] team approached the Naturepedic partnership with a strategic mindset. We harnessed the power of data by delving into Naturepedic’s past performance, utilizing their tracking platform, Rakuten, as a key tool to build effective strategies. Conducting a comprehensive audit of their existing affiliate program uncovered untapped opportunities – a crucial insight revealed the removal of key loyalty partners by the previous agency. Leveraging our extensive network and established relationships, we seamlessly reintegrated top partners like Rakuten Rewards, Cartera, and FlipGive into the program. To incentivize their participation, we offered increased CPAs for enhanced exposure, resulting in a substantial surge in conversions. 

Confronted with the challenge of securing inclusions on critical listicles where competitors held sway, our Agency devised an innovative solution. Offering complimentary samples to top content partners in exchange for reviews not only addressed the inclusion issue but also significantly amplified brand awareness and education. In essence, our strategic execution involved leveraging data insights, revitalizing key partnerships, and implementing inventive solutions, all of which contributed to the achievement of Naturepedic’s affiliate program goals.


Naturepedic’s goals to enhance organic mattress education, boost market share, and achieve a 5-10% revenue and order growth were not just aspirations; they became concrete achievements. In one year, Naturepedic experienced an astounding 84% increase in affiliate revenue and an 81% increase in orders, surpassing their initial expectations. These tangible outcomes not only highlight the efficacy of strategic planning but also underscore the significance of strong partner relationships and data-driven optimization. 

Naturepedic can rest assured due to the impactful outcomes achieved through our team’s strategic affiliate program optimizations. We are excited to propel even greater growth for this esteemed mattress manufacturer. Our upcoming initiatives include setting up podcast ad testing and implementing clickless tracking to monitor sales through exclusive coupon codes. These innovative strategies are poised to elevate the brand’s reach and enhance sales performance.