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119% Increase in Sales in 2 Weeks

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72% Increase in Revenue YoY

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61% Increase in Click YoY


A well-known meal subscription service focused on delivering healthy prepared meals, was looking to drive more volume going into its high seasonality. This marketer has traditionally maintained high seasonality during Q1, however, the marketer was looking to invest in additional high-quality media placements to drive higher conversion rates year-over-year.


Initially, Perform[cb] focused on increasing the meal subscription marketer’s presence in the upper-funnel by investing in additional media placements with proven high-quality partners. In order to increase order volume, Perform[cb] Agency onboarded additional search review site partners to promote this marketer’s offerings leading up to the new year. The Agency focused recruitment efforts on lower-funnel partners, such as coupon and review sites to increase overall conversion rates and consumer touchpoints. During the final weeks of Q4, Perform[cb] launched additional media placements to ramp up to this marketer’s Q1 seasonality by targeting consumers who were looking to eat healthier in the new year.


Perform[cb]’s full-funnel approach to this marketer’s high seasonality yielded outstanding results. Their program achieved a 72% increase in revenue and a 61% increase in site clicks year over year. The marketer also saw a 119% increase in sales during the two weeks leading up to January, compared to the two weeks prior.

The expansion of search review site partners, in addition to the client’s Q1 seasonality lift, resulted in increased clicks and revenue, with these channels producing a 40% increase in orders. Perform[cb] Agency was able to increase the AOV with the lower-funnel partners by 22% over the previous year. By employing upper-funnel media placements such as listicles, Perform[cb] was able to drive brand awareness and a significant uptick in traffic to feed into this meal subscription marketer’s Q1 seasonality.

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