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127% Increase in New Customer Subscriptions YoY

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125% Increase in Clicks YoY

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18% Increase in Active Partners


IPSY, a top beauty subscription service, sought a transformative change for its affiliate program results, turning to Perform[cb] seeking to increase website traffic and achieve a 10% growth in new customer subscriptions year over year. In close collaboration with IPSY’s team, who conducted in-depth research on strengths, target audiences, optimization opportunities, a deep understanding of audience dynamics, and pricing strategy, we refined our approach for maximum impact. Armed with our custom recruitment playbook and our patented partner marketplace, Perform[cb] was well-prepared to execute and deliver on IPSY’s set objectives.


Prioritizing a new custom affiliate strategy for IPSY, Perform[cb] focused on cultivating strong partnerships with high-quality affiliates across the funnel to align with the beauty brand’s goals. The campaign planning began with a meticulous audit of IPSY’s existing affiliate program, targeting the removal of low-quality and underperforming publishers, setting the stage for success. 

Following the thorough audit, our team initiated a program cleanup with the goals of increasing active partners and driving a substantial surge in traffic and conversions. Strategically onboarding top-tier beauty partners from our exclusive marketplace, we aimed to skyrocket brand awareness and drive customers to IPSY’s website. To further understand IPSY’s program, our team delved into their past performance, utilizing their tracking platform, impact.com, for trend identification.

Our team identified a trend – collaborations with large, well-known partners resulted in a surge of subscribers for the beauty brand. Recognizing SweatCoin as a standout partner for brand exposure and customer acquisition, aligning seamlessly with IPSY’s goals, our team orchestrated a close collaboration. To sweeten the deal, we provided SweatCoin with a unique “Gift With Purchase” code, unlocking a wave of new subscribers. Additionally, by pre-launching collaborations and teasers with a select group of high-quality partners, we consistently generated heightened clicks and subscriptions. 


IPSY set its sights on boosting website traffic and achieving a 10% increase in new subscribers within a year, and the results were nothing short of spectacular! Just a month after onboarding SweatCoin, the reward partner claimed the top-performing spot in the program. The strategic pre-launch collaborations worked like magic, bringing a surge in website traffic and new subscribers. Since IPSY partnered with Perform[cb], the beauty brand witnessed a jaw-dropping 125% surge in clicks within a year, unleashing a traffic wave to their website. Perform[cb] didn’t just stop there – we delivered an 18% increase in active partners and a 127% surge in new customer subscriptions in just one year, surpassing their initial goal by over 12x. These extraordinary accomplishments underscore the power of strategic planning, impactful partnerships, and data-driven optimization. 

IPSY is overjoyed with the results, and the Perform[cb] Agency is revved up to continue driving epic growth for the beauty brand. The excitement continues, with plans to test podcast advertising to further amplify the program’s success!