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96% Increase in Return
on Ad Spend YoY

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79% Increase in Conversion

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30% Increase in Average Order Value


A well-known athletic brand was looking for a way to make their deal and coupon site traffic more productive coupon site traffic.


Perform[cb] Agency audited the brand’s program and recommended that optimizing pricing and A/B testing coupons were the two biggest areas of opportunity for the brand and that doing so would increase their ROAS and AOV.  Following the audit, Perform[cb] doubled down on the coupons with the highest AOV, which drove additional incremental traffic from these deal and coupon sites. In addition, Perform[cb] optimized pricing to align the lowest cost with the highest volume for these publishers.


Ultimately, creating exclusive coupons and proving them out with A/B testing aligned with optimized pricing resulted in a 79% increase in conversion rates and 30% increase in AOV.  Also, adjusting cost while increasing AOV drove a 96% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) for this athletic brand.