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56% Increase in Revenue HoH

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53% Increase in Sales QoQ

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52% Increase in Orders with Conversion Partners QoQ


A popular beauty brand was looking to drive incremental new customer acquisition and increase reach throughout the buyer’s journey by testing new partnerships within the affiliate channel. While this marketer had been seeing steady awareness-funnel volume, they came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to utilize a full-funnel approach to drive new customers down the funnel to convert.


Perform[cb] Agency partnered with this beauty brand to grow their order volume and increase their conversion-funnel presence leading into the brand’s high seasonality. With new product lines launching on a regular basis, the Agency team focused additional recruitment efforts on conversion-funnel partners, such as deal and loyalty sites, prior to peak seasonality. 

To maintain strong volume throughout the entire funnel, the Agency team also increased awareness-funnel media placements, such as listicles, with proven high-quality content partners. These additional placements allowed the marketer to maintain consistent consumer visibility and build momentum leading up to and during their peak seasonality.


By working closely with deal and loyalty sites, optimizing high-quality content partners, and capitalizing on peak seasonality, Perform[cb] Agency was able to incrementally increase new customer acquisition and order volume for this marketer. Efforts to onboard additional deal and loyalty partners proved successful, as the Agency team’s strategy increased the marketer’s sales by 53% quarter-over-quarter and increased order volume by 52% quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, through increasing awareness content placements leading into peak seasonality, the marketer was able to achieve a 64% increase in clicks quarter-over-quarter. This full-funnel approach allowed the Agency team to drive a 56% increase in revenue over a 6-month period for the marketer.