Perform[cb] Proprietary Platform’s Top New Features of 2020

2020 was unlike any other year, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to drive innovation and roll out new in-platform features for our marketers and affiliate partners. In fact, the shift towards more online consumer behavior brought on by the global pandemic, made expanding upon our existing technology for our clients more important than ever before.

Just a snapshot in time: A glimpse of from where around the globe our marketers and affiliate partners are logging into our platform!  With this kind of broad, global use, we are dedicated to the performance and safety of our platform.

What is Perform[cb]’s proprietary platform?

Our platform is the powerhouse tracking platform that our team in Bosnia developed specifically to meet the user requirements of our marketers and affiliate partners. The platform focuses and functions on AI and human optimizations, granular targeting, and rules-based offer automation to increase day-to-day efficiency. Being built on advanced AI algorithms enables our platform to learn from user activity and requests, while actively monitoring campaign performance. Our platform is full of features that allow affiliates to automate their business; our regular feature releases are largely driven by direct requests from our affiliate partners to ensure the technology we’re building is both helpful and useful. Even our industry partners are singing platform’s praises – read more about why the industry experts at mThink call our platform “the future of performance marketing platforms.”

Top Updates in 2020

Check out the platform updates we’ve rolled out this year, including new features, a revised custom dashboard, and more below!

Suggested Offers

Our first release gave our affiliate partners easy access to our network’s top-performing offers. This process is practically effortless, offering our affiliate partners more time to dedicate to profitable actions. Once affiliates sign in to our platform, they’ll find a “Suggested Offers” display, outlining offers with the highest EPCs available on any given day. With this update, affiliate partners are shown the top offers that align with their unique traffic types. This feature enables affiliates to quickly find the offers that best fit their needs without the headache of having to search for them.

Impression Tracking

Platform’s Impression Tracking allows affiliate partners to gain full transparency into each step of the customer journey, from ad impression to new user acquisition. Once the marketer has determined which attribution platform they plan to utilize, affiliates can begin passing impression data back to the marketer. This impression data is just another way to provide our marketers and affiliate partners with the most transparent, granular data in the industry. Learn more about how platform’s Suggested Offers and Impression Tracking features can drive efficiencies for your business!

Vertical Level Tracking Pixels

Setting up accurate tracking pixels can be difficult, so this past year Perform[cb] prioritized streamlining the process to place tracking pixels for our affiliate partners. In the past, affiliates have had to place individual pixels on each offer they’re running traffic to, which often led to tedious workflows and duplicate tracking data. With Perform[cb] platform’s Vertical Level Pixel, our affiliate partners can place tracking pixels on a broader scale, such as an entire vertical as opposed to each individual offer.

Offer Group Level Tracking Pixels

So many marketers use right-pricing traffic based on dayparting schedules, placing specifications on location, and device targeting. Because of this, affiliate partners had to create extensive offer groups to ensure all time zones, geo-targets, and devices were covered. This process also required a pixel be placed on each offer, and for affiliates running several offers at a time,  this process became time-consuming. With Perform[cb] platform’s Offer Group Level Pixel, affiliate partners are able to place just one pixel on an entire offer group. This means that the pixel will automatically begin tracking any new offer added to the offer group, allowing affiliates to focus on optimizations and scaling. Read more about how you can utilize these platform updates to streamline your pixel placements and offer tracking now!


PerformPRIORITY, previously known as Multi-Level Offer Priority, was developed based on the idea of automating partners’ offer prioritization with the simple click of a button.  This feature allows affiliates to prioritize their offers and automate traffic around dayparting schedules, or once a budget cap is reached. In doing so, affiliates can ensure 100% of their traffic is being routed to their selected offer groups without having to pause to manually pause and reroute traffic. When using PerformPRIORITY, an affiliate’s primary offer group is called their Priority Offer Group. Once the cap has been reached for the Priority Offer Group, that affiliate’s traffic will be redirected to the Secondary Offer Group. This has proven to be incredibly helpful for our affiliate partners by automating their offer prioritization – ultimately,  allowing them to maximize their reach and drive a higher profit. Learn more about how you can drive efficiencies to your offer prioritization with PerformPRIORITY!

Weighted Distribution and Simplified A/B Testing

Weighted Distribution provides our affiliates with a new, more granular way to control and customize their offer prioritization. With this new feature, our affiliate partners can select the exact percentage of traffic they want driven to each offer within an offer group. This feature goes hand-in-hand with our PerformPRIORITY feature mentioned above. These two features allow our affiliate partners to maintain granular control over exactly how their traffic will be split between their primary and secondary offer groups. Read more about how Weighted Distribution can help drive efficiencies and increase granular control over your campaigns in 2021.

Weighted Distribution also offers our affiliate partners a simpler method of A/B testing in just a few steps. Within platform, our affiliates are able to set up a single campaign link for all offers being tested, track the performance of the A/B test using that one link, and then analyze their results to direct their traffic to the highest performing offer. This feature provides our affiliate partners with an efficient way to accumulate and evaluate their campaign data while saving time A/B testing their offers. Learn more about how you can take advantage of Weighted Distribution’s simplified A/B testing now!

Offer Discovery Interface

How great would it be if, as an affiliate partner, you could receive recommended offers based on what you’re currently running or the traffic you have available? Well, this what-if is now a reality with platform’s new Offer Discovery Interface! This platform update includes a custom daily reporting dashboard with new categories such as Trending Offers and Verticals, New and Noteworthy, Recommended for You, Perform[cb] Exclusives, and more. Read more about how Perform[cb] proprietary platform’s new custom dashboard and these categories can make discovering new offers a breeze.

Fraud Prevention and Brand Safety

No performance marketing platform is complete without proper fraud prevention and compliance practices. This year our tech team focused on adding to our arsenal of protection for our marketers, ensuring their campaigns are constantly monitored and protected.


PerformSHIELD is Perform[cb]’s proprietary anti-fraud technology that protects marketers by employing a custom suite of tools to analyze traffic in real-time. Unlike many in the industry who only utilize a reactive approach to fraud protection, PerformSHIELD applies a uniquely proactive approach to fraud protection. This machine-learning technology allows us to safeguard our marketers from suspicious activity before it even has the chance to harm their campaigns. PerformSHIELD also works as an extension of Perform[cb]’s human compliance team to analyze thousands of data points on a daily basis, confirming legitimate traffic and making sure all affiliates are meeting our marketers’ terms and conditions. Check out our Guide for Performance Marketers on Ad Fraud and Compliance to ensure your brand’s campaigns are safe.

What’s Next?

2020 was a year full of updates and continuous innovation to our proprietary tracking platform and we don’t have any intention of slowing down in 2021. Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter. If you’re ready to take advantage of these platform updates, log in to your account, or apply to be a Perform[cb] affiliate or marketer now!

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