Affiliate Partners, Your Pixels Just Got More Powerful

Not all platforms are created equal when it comes to setting up tracking pixels. Depending upon the limitations that exist within a given source (be it Facebook, Google, Snapchat, you name it!), our affiliate partners have resorted to using work-around methods to get the tracking analytics they need. As a company, we’ve always placed a huge focus on finding ways to improve our clients’ efficiency – and therefore also their bottom lines – so in true Perform[cb] fashion, we developed a solution (actually, solutions).

Our new Vertical and Offer Group Level Tracking Pixels help fill in the gaps for more accurate tracking. See how our affiliate partners are reducing over-tracking on conversions while increasing their efficiency!

Vertical Level Pixel


Until recently, affiliate partners could only place their tracking pixels on the Global or Individual Offer level. While this may work for some affiliate partners, our affiliates running traffic on sources like Facebook found themselves coming up against some issues.

Let’s take the example of an affiliate partner running offers in both the automotive insurance vertical, as well as in another vertical, such as life insurance. To do so on Facebook, that affiliate needs to create separate FB accounts – one for the auto insurance vertical, and another for the life insurance vertical. Because of this account separation, utilizing a global pixel would show an over-tracking of data across both the FB account dashboards. 

To work around this issue, affiliates would need to place pixels on each offer within the different verticals they are running. With the rate in which Perform[cb] adds new offers to the platform, it takes incredible diligence – and a lot of time – to make sure a pixel is placed on every single offer at the right time. 


With our new Vertical Level Pixel option, our affiliate partners running Facebook traffic, or with verticalized traffic sources, can now place their tracking pixel on an entire vertical as opposed to each individual offer within the vertical. By limiting pixel fires to a vertical level, rather than a global level, over-tracking of data within Facebook is substantially reduced because only the FB accounts set up in that vertical would show the conversions.

But what about affiliates using Perform[cb]’s MLOP (Multi-Level Offer Priority) or the Perform[cb] Exclusive Offer Blend to swap in new offers as initial offers hit their caps? By placing a pixel on the vertical level, no matter how many offers are added to that vertical, all will be tracked via that pixel. Our Vertical Level Pixel option adds a welcomed level of automation, relieving affiliate partners from the task of ensuring their pixel is on all new offers added to the vertical they’re running in.

Offer Group Level Pixel


With so many marketers right-pricing traffic based on dayparting schedules, placing specifications on location, and utilizing device targeting, affiliate partners are seeing a greater number of offers thrown into the mix. In order to ensure all times, locations and devices are covered, affiliate partners have had to create extensive offer groups, then place a pixel on each offer – a task that can become tedious for affiliates running large amounts of traffic. 

For example, let’s say an affiliate is running five auto insurance accounts (so unlike the previous example, this affiliate is running multiple accounts per single vertical). If it takes 6 separate offers to cover a full week/device coverage, that’s 30 pixels that must be placed on the offer level to cover the vertical.


With our Offer Group Level Pixel option, our affiliate partners can skip the individual offer level pixel placements and instead place just one pixel on the entire offer group. For affiliates taking advantage of Perform[cb]’s MLOP or the Perform[cb] Exclusive Offer Blend for their offer groups, the Offer Group Level Pixel placement will automatically ensure that the pixel will fire for every new offer added to the offer group.

Less time spent monitoring offer groups for pixel placement means more time for our affiliates to use on what really matters – optimization and scale.

Setting up Vertical and Offer Group Tracking Pixels

Setting up Vertical or Offer Group Level Pixels in Perform[cb] couldn’t be easier. On the left-hand menu, affiliates will click on the “Tracking Pixel” button and then choose “Add Tracking Pixel” in the upper right corner. From there, affiliates will be able to choose their desired tracking pixel type, which includes the new “Offer Group” and “Verticals” options. Once all data fields are completed, clicking “Add Tracking Pixel” will complete the setup! Both Postback and HTML formats are able to be used.

Thinking Bigger for Our Affiliates

At Perform[cb] we thrive on making sure our platform has the value-add tools that increase our affiliate partners’ performance and make their lives easier. It’s through collaboration with our affiliates on what would make their work-life easier that we’re able to release valuable updates like Vertical and Offer Group Level Pixel Tracking. Contact us with your new feature suggestions.

Currently an affiliate running traffic on Facebook? Reach out today to schedule an overview of Perform[cb]’s platform to see how our latest releases can reduce over-tracking and improve your Facebook data quality.

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