Naming Pixels & Archiving Links/Offer Groups: Perform[cb]’s Latest Affiliate Interface Updates

A key benefit to Clickbooth’s “in-house” technology team is our ability to react quickly to client requests. This week’s platform updates center around productivity and user experience for our affiliates.

On Tuesday, we released the ability for affiliates to name their tracking pixels and the ability for affiliates to archive their obsolete links and offer groups. Our affiliates have told us that sometimes the simplest improvements can make the largest impacts on effectiveness.

EVP of Affiliates Brad Dobbins says, “Each improvement we can make to the Clickbooth Performance Exchange that saves our affiliates’ time or makes the platform easier to use is quite literally money in their pockets. These are the exact improvements we like to invest in.”

“Clickbooth has proprietary software that is very easy to use. The system is constantly improving and becoming smarter.  It saves a tremendous amount of time allowing us to focus on media buying,” says cb:Black Exclusive Clickbooth Affiliate.

How to Use Pixel Naming:

For affiliates who place different pixels for different verticals, for example, this is a nice way to clearly name them and organize them.  When creating a new tracking pixel, you can now name the pixel by including it in the ‘Name’ field. If you have already created a pixel and would like to add a name to it, begin by selecting the Settings Wheel for the pixel and select ‘Edit’. Within this window you will now see the option to include a name, just add the name and save.  


How to Archive Links/Offer Groups:

This is a great feature to use in order to stay organized, increase efficiency and remove any unwanted items from view. To Archive a link (“offer group”), begin by selecting ‘Offer Groups’ from the left menu. From here simply click on the Settings Wheel for the specific link  and select ‘Archive’.


Login or Signup today to check it out. Have a feature you’d like to see implemented? Talk to your affiliate manager today to find out if it is on our roadmap.


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