Affiliate Tracking Pixel Update : Greater flexibility through enhanced tracking integration.

Clickbooth continuously updates our platform to increase functionality through customization. We are happy to announce the “Affiliate Tracking Pixel” update. This update gives Clickbooth users enhanced opportunities to track from individual traffic sources.

Clickbooth VP of Product, Julie Martin, says “This update allows users to select variable pixel tracking preferences based on their traffic needs. We feel this level of customization further enhances our industry leading platform. The Clickbooth performance exchange is constantly evolving to exceed our users needs”

Affiliate Tracking Pixel Advantages

  • Pixel “Naming” customization
  • Global and/or Offer-specific pixel tracking
  • “Pixel Level” tracking visibility
  • Prioritized “Offer Level” Pixel customization

To add an offer-specific pixel, clients will select the “Offer-Specific” radio button option, which then will release a drop-down selection of offers to choose from. Clients can also specify whether the pixel should fire for both the main conversion or up-sells, as they can with global pixels.


Users can select either Global and/or offer level pixels. This allows a new level of customization when tracking offers.

Note: In the event that both an offer-level and a global pixel exist, the offer-level pixel will fire first.


Navigation shortcut allows you to view pixels directly from Main dashboard.


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