Efficiency and Transparency: Today’s Performance Marketers Want It and Perform[cb]‘s Latest Releases Deliver

Technology, collaboration and results – they’re at the core of everything we do at Perform[cb]. These are the concepts that drive and motivate us. It is through our tenured team’s collaboration and our proprietary, patent-pending technology that we are known for providing the best results in the industry. And while we could go blue in the face talking about all three of these principles, today, we focus on technology – because we have some exciting new releases.

Introducing Suggested Offers and Impression Tracking, our latest in-platform releases. Since 2015, our development team has been rolling out client-focused features in our custom platform, to make our marketer and Affiliate partners’ lives easier. These most recent releases are no exception.

Suggested Offers

Our Suggested Offers release was designed to make finding our network’s best-performing offers practically effortless. Once affiliates have signed in to their account, they’ll notice the Suggested Offers display, showcasing the offers with the highest EPCs available for them to run.

Suggested Offers Display

An intelligent feature of this update is that affiliate partners will only be shown the top offers for the unique traffic types in which they run offers. An affiliate partner who only runs Display traffic doesn’t need to worry about the Suggested Offers feature serving up, say, a Search or Social offer. It will only provide the top Display offers that this unique affiliate is able to run, or apply to run.

Suggested Offers can also drill down even further to the vertical level. In the Offer Group tab, affiliates may select their desired traffic type and vertical, and it will display the best offers they are able to run, or apply to run, in the network for that specific vertical.  

Vertical Drill Down

Using our Multi Level Offer Priority (MLOP, as we like to call it) affiliate partners can place these top-performing offers into their rotations, ensuring that traffic is routed to them until budget is hit. 

Our Suggested Offers can also be seen through our Offer Pausing and Blocked Alerts. When affiliates receive an alert that an offer they were running is no longer available, a link is now provided in the alert that leads directly to the offer group in which the unavailable offer is located. From there, they can add in a different suggested offer of their choosing so the traffic redirects where they prefer.

Acting as their own virtual assistant, Suggested Offers has helped our affiliate partners uncover phenomenal offer opportunities they may have never found on their own!

Impression Tracking

We consistently strive to provide the most robust reporting capabilities to our marketers across the board, releasing features that take their unique and specific needs into account, and our Impression Tracking feature is no exception. Marketers that work with the top attribution platforms can now, with impression-level data, gain full transparency into each step of the customer journey, from ad impression to new user acquired. 

Along with the enhanced transparency that Impression Tracking provides, this release contributes an additional layer of data that can be ingested into Perform[cb]‘s fraud suite, further enhancing our real-time fraud monitoring capabilities. Within the impression data, we’re able to process key data points to ensure we are delivering the best quality traffic for our marketers. 

Utilizing our Impression Tracking release is easy. Once the marketer has established the attribution platform they utilize with their rep, our affiliate partners can begin passing back impression data to the marketer’s attribution platform.

Affiliates simply need to access the Offer Group tab in our platform and begin creating a new offer group. Under the Offer Group Type parameter, affiliates will choose ‘Link Only with Impression Tracking’.

“Link Only with Impression Tracking” Drop Down

Once they hit create, they will be provided with a tracking link as well as an additional impression tracking URL. This tracking link, which serves as an impression pixel, can then be inserted on the same page as the ad creative, or in the creative tag. This way, when the creative loads, the impression pixel will fire and record the view.

Impression Tracking URL/Pixel

Perform[cb] platform will show the aggregated impression data for the offer, and the raw impression data will be passed to the marketer’s attribution platform.

Impression Tracking is yet another example of how we continuously improve our technology so that we can provide the most transparent, granular data in the industry. By implementing Perform[cb]’s Impression Tracking, marketers can more accurately analyze and optimize campaign performance, leading to an even more efficient ad spend. 

Our Technology

Our award-winning technology is at the heart of what we do – there’s a reason our development team is the second largest team at Perform[cb]! We’re passionate about providing our marketers and affiliate partners with ROI-boosting features that make an impact – whether they are proposed in-house, or created directly from a client request. Keep an eye out for the exciting features we’re rolling out next!

Have a request for our next release? We want to hear it. Contact our support team with your great ideas.

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