Why PR Teams are Partnering with Affiliate Marketing Teams

Agencies are becoming more niche in their services, which requires collaboration with a number of internal teams. Whether you’re filling in the gaps for the SEM division or supporting the internal PR team’s initiatives, it’s important to work together to ensure the overall growth of the affiliate channel and company. Ignite’s found when PR teams are partnering with affiliate marketing links, they’re able to add longevity to content that would otherwise have a short shelf life, such as press releases, which maintains overall branding and ongoing sales. More and more well-known content sites utilize affiliate marketing links to ensure existing articles continue to generate revenue. As news continues to become “free”, news and content sites are looking for new ways to get paid for the time and effort spent writing articles. The affiliate channel helps these large content generators do just that.

Public Relations teams are taking notice as their articles using affiliate marketing links maintain stronger ongoing traffic compared to articles without affiliate links. Why is that? Content and news sites writing about brands want to avoid one-and-done articles because, from a revenue perspective, ongoing traffic is far more beneficial. In turn, these sites are investing in affiliate to continually drive traffic to those articles; this attracts readers to those articles time and time again, making the content seemingly timeless and the revenue stream endless.

For example, some content sites will pay for targeted Facebook traffic to drive users to articles specific to brands using affiliate links. By driving traffic to those articles, the featured brands are gaining awareness while the content sites are driving revenue and boosting readership.

Publishers will also post and repost articles so that ongoing revenue stream is consistent. In the past, PR teams would avoid affiliate, as to bypass paying for traffic. However, in today’s over-saturated marketplace, paid content is a one of the few ways to ensure your content remains relevant and in front of readers. When PR teams partner with affiliate marketing teams, they are able to generate consistent content-driven revenue and long term readership together.

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