Let Smartrlinks Handle Your Holiday Stress!

It’s that time of year again, shoppers are shopping and the holidays are fast approaching! Expected spending on this winter’s holiday shopping is estimated to reach $630 billion. YES we said BILLION! With this surplus of spending happening, the holidays prove to be a crucial profit period for affiliate marketers.

This season brings endless opportunities to increase profits, it also brings an inevitable increase in headaches. With so many shoppers, the holidays can prove to be a trying time for affiliates. Which is the best offer to run? What is my cap? When do I need to switch links? All of these things keep you bogged down with tedious tasks, when you too should be spending time with friends and family.

That’s where the Clickbooth Performance Exchange Platform, powered by Smartrlinks, comes to the rescue! Unlike traditional affiliate networks, where affiliates need to pull links for each offer, affiliates using our CB Performance Exchange Platform can pull a single link for each vertical and gain access to all the top performing campaigns within that vertical. Our link optimizer paired with the system’s patent-pending proprietary learning algorithm will ensure the best offer is served to the best user for every single click!

It’s time for you to say goodbye to testing, adfill and cap management! Start your New Year’s Resolution of saving time NOW! You can increase your earnings while spending time with your family this season and not worry about being glued to your computer to monitor links, traffic and caps! Let the Clickbooth Performance Exchange do the work for you!

Log into your Clickbooth account NOW! If you’re not currently a Clickbooth affiliate signup here!

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