Mobile Marketing Networks: What to Look for in a Mobile Performance Marketing Partner

As the mobile ecosystem grows increasingly complex, it’s vital to know what to look for in a mobile performance marketing partner. Whether you’re an app developer or an agency looking for engaged users, the prerequisites are the same. Our team has put together the ultimate list of what you should look for in your mobile marketing partner.


First things first – when searching for your mobile performance marketing partner, you should ask how much experience that company has within the mobile space. Longevity in the industry tells you that the company has stood the test of time, meaning they were able to adapt to the consistent changes that the mobile marketing industry has undergone. We’ve all experienced the consumer side of mobile advertising, with its rise increasing dramatically in the past five years alone. A long-standing reputable mobile partner will have both stood strong during those shifts while also learned and thrived.

Since the mobile space is relatively young in the grand scheme of marketing, it’s imperative that your mobile marketing partner is innovative. Do they have cutting-edge technology? Is it proprietary so that you know you’re getting the best, and that it’s not being offered elsewhere? Is that technology being updated regularly to not only keep up with the industry, but to lead it? The answers should be yes. Innovative, proprietary technology is key to remaining on top.

Brand Safety

Compliance and brand protection is the lifeblood of the mobile marketing industry. Does the partner you’re considering have compliance services that consistently monitor your campaigns? Do they use third-party services to audit and enhance their own services, in addition to their own technology? It’s crucial to ensure your brand and ad spend will receive the absolute best compliance services available.

Internal Team & Reputation

Take a look at the company’s internal team. It’s important that they keep the ratio of clients to account managers low. This ensures that your account is getting the attention you expect and deserve. Additionally, it’s important to ask if the account managers have backup. No single person can be effective in doing it all.

This should be a given, but does the partner you’re considering have happy customers who will vouch for them? Is their reputation in the space stellar? If the partner is doing their job, they should have a list of loyal clients and partners who like working with them. This also includes industry recognition. Are they regularly recognized by peers and industry leaders as being the best in their field? These few simple questions can speak volumes about any partner you’re considering.


Finally, the money. How much will your business have to invest to get your campaign off the ground? Some partners ask for initial budgets of $25,000 or more just to get a foot in the door. Testing budgets are important, but it should not take thousands of dollars to know if a partner is going to be able to hit your KPIs.

The search for a mobile performance marketing partner can be overwhelming, but these prerequisites should help in knowing what questions to ask when the time comes. Experience, innovation, and compliance services should be at the top of your list during your search. An even client to account manager ratio, happy customers and references, and minimum budgets will be the final determining factors to ensure your brand gets the best start possible in the mobile performance space.

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