Perform[cb] Agency Announces Mobile App Acquisition Services

Are you a new mobile app provider wanting to break into the performance marketing space? Or perhaps you have an established app and are looking to streamline your network distribution strategy? Perform[cb] Agency’s mobile app acquisition services help apps across the spectrum to launch and streamline their affiliate partner management. 

Perform[cb] Agency’s mobile app acquisition services focus on streamlining management so that all performance-based mobile distribution is managed by one team. By centralizing mobile acquisition efforts, marketers can avoid multiple points of contact that may have been an issue when trying to manage several affiliate partners separately. Launching with Perform[cb] Agency’s mobile acquisition services provides marketers with tenured industry expertise, as well as access to Perform[cb]’s proprietary tracking platform and fraud protection technology. The Agency’s Affiliate Partner Team will handle all communications with distribution partners, in addition to optimizing traffic to ensure the marketer’s KPIs are being met. Account managers will also work with the marketer to align post-install events to drive the highest ROI possible. Perform[cb] Agency is integrated with all major MMPs, including AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch, and Kochava, which provides marketers with additional fraud protection, real-time reporting, and optimization tools.

Adding diversified mobile distribution to existing mobile and web marketing efforts can allow marketers to gain large-scale acquisition growth while maintaining efficient spend. Utilizing post-install data, the Agency is able to optimize affiliate targeting capabilities to lower affiliate partner costs – ultimately driving the scale and efficient spend that marketers are seeking. By partnering with Perform[cb] Agency, mobile marketers can rest assured knowing their performance marketing is being managed in a holistic fashion. 

Are you a mobile marketer looking to centralize your performance marketing efforts? Reach out to Perform[cb] Agency to learn how we can streamline and optimize your mobile app acquisition management!

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