Perform[cb] Expands Reach with Mobile Distribution

The full-service content and affiliate management agency, Ignite OPM has expanded its service offerings to include full-service mobile app distribution. The Ignite team has been able to identify greater spend efficiency, optimization, mobile diversity and incrementality, with new and existing mobile partnerships. As an experienced agency, Ignite understands how to build a mobile strategy in order to reduce overlapping mobile traffic, lower CPI costs, and increase post-install mobile engagement. Additionally, Ignite has an extensive compliance team to ensure brand protection with daily fraud monitoring.

Adding diverse mobile distribution to their existing mobile web and desktop strategies has allowed Ignite OPM’s clients to see massive acquisition growth while maintaining an efficient spend. Ignite’s success is due to their continual effort to optimize spend toward the highest quality publishers based on post-install data. In doing so, Ignite is able to utilize this post-install data to optimize publisher targeting capabilities to lower publisher costs, which ultimately drives the scale and efficient spend their clients are looking for. Through understanding the specific distribution of their mobile partners, they’re able to minimize or eliminate duplicate spend. Duplicate spend often contributes to the increase in cost, and therefore its elimination allows us to keep our clients distribution wide and costs low.

Ignite OPM VP of Strategic Partnerships, Annmarie Thorne, states, “Offering a wide variety of strategic mobile distribution is crucial as clients often need help navigating the complex mobile ecosystem. Having an in-depth distribution strategy ensures incremental, long-term, profitable traffic for our clients. We saw the lack of mobile distribution in the performance space and knew it was a service we could find success with. Our clients choose Ignite to scale their mobile traffic because they know we’re the most experienced choice.

Reach out to Ignite OPM to scale your mobile, content, and affiliate marketing now.

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