Perform[cb] Adds Budget by Conversion Feature for Advertisers

At Clickbooth, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. It’s what drives us to continue to develop our Performance Exchange, adding smarter tools to help advertisers increase their ROIs and stay ahead of the game. Our current release, Auto Funding, will do just that.
Auto Funding will provide our advertisers the ability to seamlessly fund their campaigns, without having to worry about downtime.
Clickbooth EVP of Advertisers, Lee Aho says, “Auto Funding enables seamless account funding.
As a result, advertisers benefit from continuous traffic intake, moving in unison with increased opportunities for scale.  Our Auto Funding release incorporates direct client feedback and improves advertiser efficiency”.

Perfect for advertisers who want to ensure traffic consistency with no funding related downtime or interruptions, auto funding will change the way you do business.

Auto Funding Benefits:
  • Fund campaigns without having to replenish manually

  • Auto Funding can replenish multiple times a day

How to use Auto Funding:
Setting up your account to Auto Fund is simple. Begin by logging into your Clickbooth Advertiser Account. Once logged in you will want to click on your account name from the top right-hand corner of the page and select ‘Payment’ from the drop down.


On this page you will see the second section is dedicated to ‘Auto Funding’ which is automatically defaulted to ‘Disabled’. Begin by clicking on Disabled and select ‘Enabled’.


Once enabled you can select the Auto Fund Amount you would like to set. Enter it and click ‘Update’ to save. *Note* You must have a credit card on file within the Exchange for Auto Funding to work.


 Auto Funding is now active on your account!
Keep an eye out for future CB Platform Updates to know what’s being released next!
“Clickbooth is the P&G of the CPA space – the most solid CPA Network in the marketplace.” says longtime Clickbooth Advertiser.
These features are ready for you NOW on the Clickbooth Performance Exchange! Login or Signup today to check it out!

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