Enhanced Lead Quality for Auto Insurance Advertisers – Stop Paying Luxury Rates for Clunker Leads!


Forty-seven states legally require some type of auto insurance coverage for drivers, so it is a commodity for most licensed Americans. According to the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, auto insurers increased their rates by an average of 2.1% nationwide in 2014. This resulted in 39% of people shopping for new auto insurance that same year compared to 32% in 2013, but of those who shopped, only 29% actually switched insurers in 2014, compared with 37% in 2013.

Since the amount of people who shopped increased, but the amount of people who switched decreased, it is more important than ever for lead aggregators to generate quality leads. This is where the Clickbooth Performance Exchange can aid you by improving lead quality, and for lead aggregators, it increases demand from your lead buyers.

Some of the ways the CB Performance Exchange is enabling our current auto insurance clients to enhance their lead quality is as follows:

  • Geo-targeting – At Clickbooth, we understand how the value of an auto insurance lead can greatly vary from state to state. The exchange allows you to assign an appropriate rate on a state level to more accurately reflect the true value of a lead from each state. You can create groups of states with similar values, or get as granular as assigning a different rate to each state.
  • Day-parting – We know many of you do not necessarily run 24/7 call centers, and a lead is much more likely to convert if it is called soon after it is generated. The ability to day-part campaigns, offers you the capability of paying more for leads generated during your prime hours, while decreasing the rate for non-business hours (or possibly not allowing it at all).
  • Device-targeting – Our clients have told us they also see a difference in lead value depending on the device on which it was generated. Through the CB Performance Exchange, you can assign different rates for desktop, mobile and tablet traffic.
  • Full Forms – One of the major advantages of the CB Performance Exchange is it takes the lead acquisition location out of the question, and relies solely on overall offer performance. Publishers can run the auto insurance vertical link and have access to all the top auto insurance offers, and the platform will serve the best offer to the best user for every click. As long as a full form offer can directly compete with a zip submit or CPC campaign on overall offer performance, it will be served. Currently, a majority of our top performing auto insurance offers are full forms.

The affiliates are greatly benefiting from the CB Performance Exchange as well because they are being served the offer that will generate them the most revenue for their particular user. Since the advertisers can monetize leads more effectively, they are able to increase bids for the pockets of traffic that generate them the most revenue. This is passed on to the publishers so everyone is increasing their bottom line.

Auto Insurance advertisers failing to leverage the CB Performance Exchange’s enhanced targeting capabilities, will continue to generate lower quality leads as they compete against the platform’s premium affiliate base.

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About Laura Miller:

Laura Miller has been with Clickbooth for over 9 years managing strategic advertiser accounts in many different verticals. She now leads as the Vice President of Business Development to further enhance Clickbooth’s ever-growing client base through their proprietary Performance Exchange. She is dedicated to helping her clients grow and increase the quality of their traffic, but it is best to avoid her after a big Bengals loss.


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