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Streaming Service Achieves Show-Stopping Paid Subscription Volume

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 20 2023
A premium streaming service achieved a 215% increase in paid subscribers month-over-month with Perform[cb]. Learn how we did it.

QuietKat Gains 430% Increase in Revenue During Peak Seasonality

Posted By Louise Allison on Jun 12 2023
QuietKat, a leading electric bike manufacturer, saw a 430% increase in revenue during peak seasonality with Perform[cb]. Learn more!

E-Commerce App Drives 201,000+ Installs During Q4 Holiday Promotion

Posted By Louise Allison on Jun 12 2023
A household e-commerce app drove over 201,000 installs during Q4 holiday promotion with Perform[cb]. Learn more!

Drizly Achieves 120% Increase in New Customer Acquisition in Two Months

Posted By Louise Allison on Jun 12 2023
Drizly, the #1 alcohol delivery service, saw a 120% increase in new customer acquisition in just two months with Perform[cb]. Learn more!

QuietKat Pedals Past Competition With 171% Increase in Sales & 88% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 1 2023
QuietKat achieved a 171% increase in sales in one year with Perform[cb]. Learn more!

Meal Subscription Service Earns 119% Increase in Sales by Preparing for Q1 Seasonality

Posted By Louise Allison on May 25 2023
Meal Subscription Service Earns a 119% Increase in Sales with Perform[cb] by Preparing for Q1 Seasonality. Learn more!

LOJEL Achieves 96% Increase in Revenue With Perform[cb] and Rakuten Advertising

Posted By Louise Allison on May 23 2023
LOJEL achieved a 96% increase in revenue quarter-over-quarter with Perform[cb] and Rakuten Advertising. Learn more!

Hungryroot Increases Revenue by 46% Year-over-Year During Peak Back-to-School Seasonality

Posted By Louise Allison on May 15 2023
Hungryroot, grocery delivery service, increases revenue by 46% during peak back-to-school seasonality with Perform[cb].

Brilliant Drives 2,746% Increase in Direct Subscriptions During Back to School Seasonality

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 15 2023
Brilliant, e-learning app, capitalizes on back to school seasonality to grow its subscription base through new partnerships with Perform[cb].

Popular Finance Marketer Secures 274% Increase in Enrollments

Posted By Louise Allison on Apr 18 2023
Perform[cb] strategized with a popular financial marketer to achieve a 274% increase in enrollments. Learn how we can do the same for you.
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