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481% Biannual Growth

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78% Increase in Conversions QoQ


A national mortgage company aims to acquire new consumers interested in purchase and refinance mortgage options. Since 2018, this company has utilized Perform[cb] as a customer acquisition partner, working together to navigate various economic cycles and adapt to changing market conditions. With a constantly evolving landscape, considerations such as varying interest rates, home value fluctuations – and consequently consumer spending changes – all play a necessary role in the mortgage company’s customer acquisition strategy. With these dynamics in mind, Perform[cb] developed a tailored approach to exceed their objectives and drive growth. 


When approaching a campaign strategy, factors that influenced both historical and current market conditions needed to be considered. For instance, in 2020, when interest rates plummeted, customers flooded the market and less aggressive advertising campaigns were necessary. However, low interest rates coupled with steep inflation increased the value of homes. The market change led to the decision to create more traditional refinance campaign positioning. It wasn’t long before interest rates began to rise, but home values stayed the same – so, this strategy needed to evolve again. This time, a previously unpopular market, cash-out refinance and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), was now a prime untapped opportunity for scale. 

Based on the mortgage company’s goals and the market outlook, Perform[cb] developed targeted campaigns to maximize the potential that cash-out refinance and HELOC presented. While closely monitoring KPIs, managing volume, and assessing competitive payouts, Perform[cb] worked to understand the most valuable consumers and continue to target them effectively. With a focus on campaign interaction and FICO targeting, a significant increase in volume and alignment was achieved.

To deliver increased performance and volume, Perform[cb] tailored offers with specific filters such as income, loan amount, and FICO scores. Other incentives, such as payout structures and caps, were included to create a winning setup for both the mortgage company and their campaign partners.


This collaborative campaign approach promotes growth in a format that ensures success for all parties involved, achieving a balanced and effective strategy that will drive outcome-based customer acquisition. The mortgage company’s main campaign KPIs – Cost Per Lock and Cost Per Fund – are consistently tracked using custom reporting. Through these recent campaigns, the company has achieved a 481% increase in growth in just 6 months, and a 78% increase in conversions QoQ. The mortgage company has trusted Perform[cb] as a dedicated customer acquisition partner that fosters commitment and loyalty while providing valuable insights on performance and competition, and has resulted in Perform[cb] becoming one of their top 5 overall traffic partners.