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215% Increase in Paid Subscribers MoM

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Utilized 60+ Partners Throughout Campaign

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40% Increase in Installs QoQ


A premium subscription streaming service has been successfully driving consistent incremental volume with Perform[cb] since 2019. This streaming marketer was looking to scale their user acquisition to new heights, with a focus on quality and backend CPA goals, and Perform[cb] was up for the challenge. While increasing new users was a campaign KPI, paid subscriptions were the ultimate outcome. 


In an effort to keep this streaming service’s volume and quality at the forefront, Perform[cb] kept a close eye on CPA goals throughout the duration of the campaign to ensure installs were turning into paid subscribers. Many mobile ad platforms can scale installs, but finding net new users to install and become paid subscribers can be difficult without an experienced, strategic account team. 

Perform[cb] continued running both iOS and Android campaigns, driving scale with proven existing partners, while simultaneously onboarding and optimizing with new partnerships. With the help of our dedicated internal media team, the subscription streaming marketer was able to run additional testing across various untapped digital channels, unlocking additional pockets of inventory for increased qualified conversions. 

Being that Perform[cb]’s proprietary technology platform is fully integrated with Adjust, an industry-leading MMP, our system was able to monitor and optimize the marketer’s traffic in real-time. Backed by PerformSHIELD, our anti-fraud suite, Perform[cb]’s compliance team had an eagle eye on traffic quality at all times, flagging suspicious activity before it had the chance to interfere with the campaign.

By collaborating with the streaming marketer’s agency, who created high-impact show and movie-specific creatives, Perform[cb] was able to highlight the latest content in the app, maximizing the ads’ user engagement. 


The Perform[cb] team utilized over 60 partners to help scale the campaign. Quarter-over-quarter, Perform[cb] increased installs to the streaming service’s mobile app by 40% through the affiliate channel. Taking it one step further, expanding the marketer’s media channels with a focus on compliance proved wise, as the streaming app achieved a 215% increase in paid subscribers month-over-month. The Perform[cb] team is eager to continue testing this premium subscription streaming service across major and emerging digital channels and driving high-quality subscriptions at massive scale.