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355% Increase in Revenue YoY

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274% Increase in Enrollments YoY

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74% Increase in Enrollments QoQ


A popular financial marketer was looking to drive monumental growth, focusing on increasing consumer enrollments to their credit monitoring and identity theft products on a CPA model. Being that the financial vertical is fiercely competitive, this marketer was looking to harness valuable, long-term partnerships to acquire qualified customers. 


Since becoming a client five years ago, Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine team has built a foundational relationship with this fintech marketer based on compliance transparency, open communication, data-driven feedback, and consistent strategic optimizations. Our team worked with the marketer to A/B test landing pages, product bundles, different price points, payouts, and sub-ID tracking, which gave us the ability to be more data-driven when optimizing across various digital channels and partners. 

Our Outcome Engine recruited and tested with top-performing partners quickly and efficiently. Perform[cb]’s in-house compliance team owned all creative reviews which greatly expedited the launch process. This allowed the marketer to feel at ease because they knew that their brand standards were top priority. These efforts resulted in an immediate uptick in enrollments. 


With open communication and consistent data-driven insights, this fintech marketer was able to see huge growth in enrollments in no time. As a result of strategic A/B testing, Perform[cb] was able to create faster load times for the brand’s landing pages allowing top partners to quickly drive quality traffic at scale. This fintech marketer exceeded their goal of growing consumer enrollments, seeing a 74% increase in enrollments in the first quarter that the campaign was live. Looking back year-over-year, the success is even more impressive, with a 355% increase in revenue and a 274% increase in enrollments altogether. 

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