How Display Advertising Can Lead to Affiliate Marketing Success

Digital marketing continues to change the face of the display advertising industry for both small and large brands. By 2023, digital display advertising spend is estimated to reach $107.9 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. By incorporating display advertising best practices across multiple channels using an affiliate marketing strategy, marketers can stay ahead of the competition and achieve guaranteed ROI. 

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a form of advertising in which a marketer’s offer is conveyed to consumers using visual banners, animations, and videos, among other graphics. Display advertising offers many options for campaign targeting depending on a marketers KPIs.

Types of Display Advertising within the Affiliate Space

Across the affiliate channel, display advertising can take a variety of forms. Examples of popular types of display advertising include:

  • Banners ads
  • Retargeted ads
  • Geofencing
  • Native ads
  • Social media ads

Benefits of Display Advertising

Full-Funnel Approach

Display advertising can be used for both building brand awareness and driving conversions. When using display advertising throughout the buyer’s journey, affiliate marketers are able to get in front of consumers before they realize what they’re looking for. 

The awareness stage is all about engaging with potential leads and creating attention-grabbing ads to ensure the brand is top of mind with consumers. It’s been shown that consumers need to see ads or information about a brand about 10 times before taking an action to learn more. With display advertising, marketers can push their brand through various digital channels where consumers are spending their time online.

The average consumer engages with at least three to five pieces of content when considering purchasing a new product or service. While in the consideration stage, consumers have proven to engage more with brands that create personalized messaging and targeting. When running display ads within the affiliate space, marketers have a plethora of targeting options that can assist in reaching consumers as they move down the funnel. 

By the time consumers reach the conversion stage, display ads are key for marketers to make that extra push towards taking the desired action. Marketers should engage with consumers using retargeted display ads in this stage, as a recent study showed that 49% of consumers made impulse purchases after receiving a targeted ad.

Reach Consumers Across Multiple Channels

Display advertising can reach consumers no matter where they’re spending their time online. When running display ads on multiple channels, marketers have a greater opportunity to reach potential consumers, as Google Research found that 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day. 

When running display ads on a CPA pricing model, marketers are able to only pay for guaranteed, quantifiable results. This allows marketers to test their display ads and measure which channels perform best. With low risk and high reward, the affiliate channel allows marketers to reach the right consumers throughout the customer journey.

Strong Visuals Lead to Success

Display ads can (and should) be visually appealing and designed with the brand’s target audience in mind. Digital display advertising allows marketers to communicate their branding through graphics, video, and audio to attract user’s attention through multiple touchpoints. Strong visuals create a better user experience, which in turn can lead to an increase in conversion rates of up to 400%

Tips for Successful Display Advertising for Affiliates

Optimized Landing Pages

Upon engaging with a display ad, marketers should redirect consumers to a new page or specific landing page. Well-designed landing pages have a clear action for the consumer to take and will make it easy for the consumer to complete that action. By making custom landing pages, marketers can refine and improve user interaction and increase the chances of conversion. Check out additional ways to create CPA landing pages that convert

As a result of Perform[cb]’s strategic account management and collaboration to create a custom landing page to capture and convert leads, QuoteWizard achieved a 38% increase in revenue quarter-over-quarter. 

Reach Consumers On-The-Go

Display advertising gives marketers a way to reach consumers across the world any time, anywhere. In the affiliate channel, marketers have the opportunity to reach consumers through geotargeting and dayparting capabilities. Many affiliates schedule display traffic based on different top-performing times of the day or different days of the week, but manually this can be a tedious and time-consuming task.  

Perform[cb] affiliates can utilize our proprietary platform’s innovative features such as PerformPRIORITY™, which allows affiliates to prioritize offers and automate traffic around dayparting schedules, or once a budget cap is reached. In doing so, affiliates can ensure 100% of their traffic is being routed to their selected offer groups without having to manually pause and reroute traffic. If you’re an affiliate looking to automate your business, maximize reach, and drive a higher profit, check out more of Perform[cb]’s top features.

Personalization and Retargeting

Display ads allow marketers to get in front of consumers where they spend the majority of their time — browsing online. In order for consumers to feel compelled to convert, marketers need to engage consumers through personalized, retargeted display ads when they’re most likely to buy. The click-through rate of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of an untargeted display ad. Ad placement and audience targeting are the top optimization tools used by marketers looking to re-engage consumers. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, meaning that personalized, retargeted display ads are much more likely to generate awareness and drive conversions. 

Final Thoughts

Display advertising is a powerful digital marketing strategy, and when used in conjunction with other efforts as part of a broader strategy, it can boost marketers’ conversion rates. From raising awareness early in the customer journey to encouraging repeat customers with targeted deals and offers, marketers that aren’t taking advantage of display ads are likely losing out to their competitors.

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