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Perform[cb] Mobile Clients See Incremental Growth With SKAdNetwork Distribution Post-ATT

Posted By Keely Karalis on Jun 7 2022
Perform[cb] sought to help mobile clients by diversifying their media mix with Apple’s tracking solution, SKAdNetwork.

Pet Essentials Brand Drives 354% Increase in Orders Over 3 Months

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Jan 29 2021
Results 354% Increase in Orders within 3 Months of Launching 290% Increase in Revenue within 3 Months of Launching Achieved 9x ROAS by End of Month 3…

Jewelry Marketer Achieves 376% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Jan 28 2021
This marketer was looking to prepare for its Q4 seasonality by investing in content partnerships.

Mobile Lifestyle Brand Achieves 444% Increase in Revenue

Posted By Holly Barnes on Dec 22 2020
Featured on PerformanceIN. Mobile lifestyle brand achieves increase in revenue, conversion rate, clicks and overall site traffic.

Mobile Client Scores With NFL CPI Campaign

Posted By Louise Allison on Sep 24 2019
100% to target CPA goal 2,500+ installs during the campaign 1,200+ registrations during the campaign Objective This mobile client wanted to capitalize on the busy opening weekend…

Packaged Media Buys

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Apr 8 2019
Media packages significantly outperform single placements due to their ability to reach customers multiple times throughout their customer journey. On average, Ignite OPM sees packages outperform single placements by 150%. The Ignite team recommends at least four touch points through the user flow to maximize reach and frequency.

Early Bird Gets The Worm With Advanced Media Buys

Posted By Louise Allison on Apr 8 2019
This Perform[cb] client saw a 204% increase in the number of sales quarter over quarter securing the highest-performing media placements.

Paid Media Pays Off For Agency Client

Posted By Louise Allison on Apr 8 2019
Learn how the Perform[cb] Agency team used a 1-day test campaign on Cashback Day to provide a client with evidence that paid media can increase ROI.

Redfin A-B Tests Creative

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Mar 25 2020
2% More clicks overall on new creative 0.01% Higher click-thru rate on new creative 0.01% Increase in click-to-install rate after implementing new creative on the mobile acquisition…

Apartment List Increases User Acquisition During Peak Seasonality

Posted By Louise Allison on Mar 25 2020
52% of Users Completed Registration Event 14% Increase in User Acquisition Objective Apartment List came to Perform[cb] looking to drive incremental value and scale during their peak…
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