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46% Increase in Revenue YoY

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43% Increase in Revenue MoM

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41% Increase in New Customer Acquisition YoY


Hungryroot, a leading online grocery and meal delivery service, was looking to grow its new customer acquisition during the back-to-school shopping season. In an effort to get ahead of this seasonality, Perform[cb] advised Hungryroot to proactively recruit and onboard new content publishers and partnerships to drive full-funnel marketing efforts to the target market.


Perform[cb] knew that to ensure Hungryroot was positioned competitively in the meal delivery space, it was important to work closely with various niche content partnerships early on. The team began recruiting and testing with several content partnerships, which would allow for increased visibility during the back-to-school season and additional content driven through the funnel. Perform[cb] focused on onboarding publishers that could reach a multitude of target demographics, including college students who didn’t have time to grocery shop, and busy moms getting their children ready for the school year. By focusing their audience segmentation efforts across various individual publishers rather than solely on upper-funnel promotions, Hungryroot would be set to drive significant growth over the back-to-school season and into Q4. In an additional effort to ensure massive scale through the end of Q3, Perform[cb] worked with Figg, a card linking partner, which allowed customers to link their bank accounts to Hungryroot and earn cashback.


By onboarding several content partnerships and taking advantage of the back-to-school seasonality, Hungryroot was able to achieve a 46% increase in revenue year-over-year. As a result of working with individual content publishers, implementing strategic audience segmentation, and testing new content partnerships throughout the funnel, Hungryroot exceeded its KPIs with a 41% increase in new customer acquisition year-over-year. Just three months after the start of this campaign, Hungryroot had already driven a 43% increase in revenue, positioning them for continued growth heading into the Q4 holiday season.