Does your current marketing campaign extend beyond US borders? With 1/3 of the world’s population – over 2.4 billion people online, you should be marketing to international audiences. Breaking down international barriers and expanding campaigns to target these consumers can increase reach and leverage sales for online marketers. However, international campaigns must be created strategically for the appropriate audiences in order for marketers to penetrate these markets and see real success. We have noted some of the top trending tactics for marketing to international audiences below:

  • Localize your landing page. Researching or discussing the country’s culture with a local expert may give you better insight on how to design landing pages to cater to local consumers.  Simple design elements such as incorporating images of local country flags and taking into account certain color schemes or symbols can make the consumer feel more at home on your landing page.
  • Display appropriate data fields. Make sure your drop-down menus and text field options are relevant to the country. If you are marketing to Canada, your billing and shipping fields should ask for province instead of state and accommodate proper telephone number formatting, etc.
  • Offer correct currency. Script your landing page for the appropriate country’s currency. If you are marketing to the UK for example, displaying product cost in pounds instead of dollars is beneficial. Also, make sure international credit cards are an option in billing info.
  • Translate your page. While it may seem obvious to have the language of your landing page translated, a poor translation could backfire. Due to varying dialects, verbiage, and lingo across countries and regions, consulting with someone to translate your page instead of auto-translation can be a critical benefit.
  • Provide authentic customer service. Remember that optimizing for international audiences should not end at your CPA landing page. Customers calling for assistance will have a more productive customer service experience with someone that speaks their same language or has a similar accent.
  • Ensure fast loading speed. When reaching a global audience, your page needs to load quickly for all countries. Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a collection of servers around the world, to improve load times. This will ensure the page is linking to a server in the specific country for timely loading speeds.
  • Back up your claims. Don’t overlook details like international shipping time. If you guarantee 3 day shipping, you will want to be able to back this up no matter the shipping location. Otherwise, listing a realistic shipping time will offer customers a better buying experience.

While some of these trends may seem obvious, seize the opportunity to market to these additional audiences to further leverage your campaigns and create optimal revenue. Internet statistics released in May revealed both Asia and Europe top the world internet usage with 45% and 21.5% respectively. America only holds 11.4% of the world market. Therefore, if you are not at least beginning to think about marketing your products and services in other regions, you should start breaking down international barriers. International markets are growing. You do not want to miss the international boat.

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