Are you missing out on a $179 billion market?

Run of World ad spending is projected to reach $179 billion by 2017, according to Statista, and Clickbooth is making sure its advertisers and affiliates are poised to capitalize on this trend. From 2014 to 2015 the Clickbooth network saw 106% growth in international revenues, with individual foreign countries seeing as much as 4x that growth rate.


Leading the charge in the international arena are top US advertisers and affiliates expanding internationally as well as companies based internationally and focused strictly on international markets. While international is a rapidly growing arena it hasn’t yet reached the competition levels of the US. Clients who are among the first to expand internationally are experiencing decreased competition due to the lack of market saturation.


“Clickbooth remains the recognized leader in the US market – over 75% of our revenue is still generated in the US, but we see international as an extremely high growth arena for our advertisers and affiliates and are excited to continue the trend,” Erin Cigich, CEO of Clickbooth.


As always, cb:Black clients (clients exclusive to the Clickbooth network) have been among the first to capitalize on this opportunity:


“We started with Clickbooth six years ago with a primary focus on the domestic marketplace.  Almost two years ago, Clickbooth approached us with new emerging international marketing opportunities that they believed would fit us well.  Currently, international sales account for an overwhelming majority of our annual revenue and are growing at over 40% a year.  Clickbooth always seems to be a step ahead of the competition in identifying new and exciting markets whether here or abroad.” –  cb:Black advertiser


“Since expanding our campaigns internationally with Clickbooth, we’ve been able to increase our ROI significantly.  Having the ability to move quickly from country to country has allowed us to scale quickly and drive outstanding results” –  cb:Black affiliate

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