Multi Level Offer Priority, Perform[cb]’s Latest Game Changing Affiliate Release

Clickbooth prides itself on being able to provide affiliates with value adding tools to make their life easier. Our team of in-house developers are always looking forward to suggestions from affiliates and are excited to release weekly updates to make the Clickbooth Platform even more user-friendly. Clickbooth affiliates already have the ability to run a single offer or a group of offers on their link with our ‘Offer Groups’ feature. Today we have added even more ways to customize your offer selections with Multi Level Offer Priority!

Multi Level Offer Priority, or MLOP as we like to call it, allows for another layer of hierarchy in campaign management. Affiliates can select their favorite offer(s) and ensure 100% of their traffic is routed to the selected offer(s) until budget is hit. Then, they can designate their second favorite offer or group of offers to redirect to, removing the need to run home to swap offers when a cap is hit.

Clickbooth EVP of Affiliates, Brad Dobbins, says “We’re always looking for new tools and features that improve performance for our affiliates and make their lives easier. Because we have a wide selection of top performing campaigns, our affiliates rely on us to be able to handle their full volume, throughout the week. In the event a client wants to select a single offer to focus on – but prefer to know exactly where they will redirect to when that offer caps out – this is the perfect solution. No more logging on to swap offers when caps are reached overnight or on the weekends.”

Large scale affiliates can depend on our technology to systematically deliver specific offers, providing you with complete ease of mind that your business is running smoothly.

Multi Level Offer Priority Benefits:

  • Ability to select a priority offer to garner 100% of your traffic until cap hits.
  • Ability to select secondary offers as back up.
  • Vertical specific offers to run on link once all priority and secondary offers hit cap.
  • Even more options while never having to worry about hitting caps and switching offers manually last minute.
  • Complete flexibility/control of knowing where your offers will redirect to at all times.
  • Set it and forget it abilities help you work smarter not harder.

For a more in depth look at how to set up Multi Level Offer Priorities
check out our how to video!

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About Clickbooth:
Affiliate is defined as “to be united in action and interest.” Clickbooth connects Advertisers with a product or service with Affiliates who are experts in all forms of digital marketing and capable of driving high quality traffic on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) basis through native, social, mobile, display, email, search and contextual channels. When you work with Clickbooth as an advertiser, you only pay for real results – new customers or users. As an Affiliate Partner, you can rely on us for the best offers, guaranteed on-time payments and cutting edge technology.  We value our partners and only work with companies who maintain stellar reputations or those looking to build stellar reputations.

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