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The mobile app industry is growing faster than ever, with gross annual revenues expected to exceed $189 billion by 2020. Clickbooth, a veteran in the space, leverages long-standing relationships with exclusive mobile first publishers to empower both big brands and indie developers through growth of their user base with high-quality consumers.

Cost Per Install (CPI) is a popular pricing structure for performance minded advertisers. Publishers will place digital ads across premium web based sources or within their app, in an effort to drive an installation of the advertised application. When that application is installed on a specific device, the brand is charged a bid or fixed rate.

Clickbooth is recognized for creating and providing advancements in the industry that allow their strategic partners to increase their return on ad spend and outperform the competition. The development of a proprietary platform allowing partners to utilize link technology showed publishers immediate impact on increasing ROI. In the advertiser portal, a number of industry leading targeting features are readily available to ensure advertising dollars are being allocated towards consumers monetizing the best for each partner. Furthermore, with a focus on exclusive acquisition channels, Clickbooth offers advertisers untapped mediums in a brand safe environment, partnered with proprietary fraud prevention tools, direct integration with Forensiq and a dedicated optimization and compliance team.

Tyler Morrow, Director of Advertising for Clickbooth’s Mobile Division noted, “Our platform is uniquely positioned to help mobile-first advertisers safely execute growth strategies, allowing them to refocus, shifting from a “fraud-avoidance” mindset to a performance maximization mentality.”

So, if you’re tackling early growth phases, trying to increase exposure in a competitive market or looking to steadily increase growth with consistent quality traffic, Clickbooth’s highly experienced mobile team can help you carve out the strategy to get there.

The CB Mobile Team is at Postback 17 in Seattle this week, meet up with us! Not currently working with Clickbooth? Sign up now.

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