Perform[cb] Affiliate Updates to Organize Your 2017!

Clickbooth is committed to providing our clients with everything they need to exceed their goals. This week, our updates to the affiliate dashboard on our Exchange allow our clients to quickly access the offers and information they need most!

Vice President of Product Development, Julie Martin, stated “With the refreshments made to the Affiliate Interface, our clients can immediately find the offers that are the right fit for them.  We’ve smart-sorted the offers first by the client’s preferred traffic type and then by offer status (CB Exclusives at the top, of course).  We’ve stripped out the extraneous columns and consolidated the offer’s details into quick-picks using fun icons.  What you’re left with is a simplified, clean look to maximize user experience and minimize time spent sifting through offers.”

Offers Section Updates

Once logged in you will want to navigate to the Offers section.

You will immediately notice that the system will ask you to identify your Traffic Type.


Once selected, the offers that will appear will be double sorted not only to your specific traffic type but will also show the most relevant to each user. Offers that appear will be organized by default for active exclusive offers to appear first, active non exclusive to appear below, followed by any offers that may be temporarily paused, due to scheduling. For instance, this could be for campaigns that are segmented to include only weekday traffic but not weekend traffic. This offer would show as Paused – Schedule if you happen to be looking for offers on a Saturday. Don’t worry! You can still add these to your link/offer group and they’ll begin serving once Monday comes around.

In addition you will notice that we’ve cut the number of columns listed in half to only include the ones most meaningful to your business. This was a client request and we are happy to be able to provide the changes that mean the most to you!

New detail icons also appear for affiliates to quickly gain access to the following:

  • Magnifying Glass: Description – details listed which include payout and offer restrictions if there are any.

  • Traffic Light: Targeting – lists permissions like allowed locations, device and traffic types.

  • Painters Palette: Creatives – Available product, banner and email images will appear on this tab.

  • Money Bag: Budget – If an offer has a test budget it will be listed here.

You will notice that when you click on one of the items, and the pop up window appears, the corresponding tabs for these icons will be listed to toggle through. No need to click out of the window and select another icon.

If for any reason you need to switch your preferred Traffic Type, you can easily toggle between the different sources, which are listed as tabs on the top of the page!

As a current Clickbooth affiliate, you are ready to begin selecting the best offers to run quickly and efficiently, log in now! If you’re currently not working with the #1 CPA Network in the World, sign up now!

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