Latest and Greatest of Campaign Tracking and More- The Bevo Media Affiliate Portal


Bevo Media has been around for a while, but with the launch of their most recent version, The Bevo Media Exchange, they have really encompassed everything that an affiliate marketer can ask for. They have the easiest, most effective mobile tracking solution, new technologies such as fingerprint tracking and the CPA Optimizer and the ability to pull offer creatives, apply to networks, view stats and virtually manage every single aspect of an affiliate marketing campaign directly from their interface.

What stands out the most is how easy everything is to use. With technology that is so advanced, one might expect to be dealing with a bunch of technical jargon and time consuming set up processes. Bevo clearly developed the interface to be easy for anybody to switch over from whatever tracking solution they are currently using.

One of the key feature’s is the CPA Optimizer. Basically, the CPA Optimizer will notice trends between offers and landing pages and display the highest converting combination on any given impression. This ensures that ad spend is being used to its fullest extent, leaving less money on the table. The CPA Optimizer is selected during the tracking set up. Once the offers and landing pages are inputted, the Optimizer will do the rest. Truly a game changing feature on an already super extensive interface.

Bevo Media also has a bunch of new features just recently launched last week. Now users can easily track multiple offers on a single landing page, track by device and browser, target by location/time/day/browser/device, pass custom variables back to affiliate links variably and export all campaign click data.

The Bevo Media Exchange is clearly one of the top tracking solutions that is currently available to affiliate marketers.  Bevo has created the interface with people switching over from other trackers in mind, making sure it is as user friendly, fast and comprehensive as possible. Also, being the best mobile tracker available and the release of fingerprint tracking, the Bevo Media Exchange truly is the future of the industry.

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Guest Post: Michael Chambrello, Managing Partner at Bevo Media

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