5 Reasons Why We’re Excited to Attend Affiliate Summit East 2018

The Ignite OPM Business Development and Media teams are excited to head to New York City July 29-31 for Affiliate Summit East 2018. We’ve asked our Publisher Business Development Manager, Stephany Oparka and Senior Media Manager, Abby Herber what they’re most excited for at this year’s conference.

  1. Meeting with publishers in-person is always preferred over a phone call or email. Attending shows like ASE gives the Ignite teams a chance to catch up with publishers, both professionally and personally. Maintaining relationships with publishers is a major key to success in the affiliate channel.
  2. Although all of Ignite’s publishers may not attend the conference, many of them are based out of NYC. This provides the Ignite team to meet with those publishers in-person as well, continuing to check in with and build on those relationships.
  3. ASE produces more productive new publisher opportunities in comparison to many other conferences. The Ignite OPM business development team is working to secure over 30 meetings with new publisher partners, making this an invaluable trip.
  4. Meeting with so many publishers halfway through the year enables the Ignite OPM teams to discuss and begin planning for Q4 media placements. In doing so, Ignite is also able to get ahead of new opportunities by having an idea of what the rest of the year holds.
  5. The Ignite media and business development teams usually don’t attend a conference between Dealmaker in February and CJU in September, so ASE is a nice way to break the year up. Attending ASE allows the Ignite teams to catch up with the latest buzz in the publisher space and have face-to-face discussions that could generally only be had over the phone.

Want to schedule some time to meet with the Ignite OPM team at ASE? Reach out to now: soparka@igniteopm.com!

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