Ignite OPM’s Affiliate Summit East 2018 Recap

Ignite OPM recently ventured to New York City to attend Affiliate Summit East 2018. The Ignite team had a great time meeting with existing and new publishers, as well as learning about what’s up and coming in the affiliate space. Read on to learn some of the major industry trends and insights our team picked up on while attending ASE.

  1. Content publishers are more willing to work directly with brands to integrate affiliate links natively within branded content.
  2. Attribution answers are a continued work-in-progress for each platform. Innovative and exciting solutions are becoming available to advertisers with each new tech update.
  3. Publishers are leveraging native content significantly more to promote brands. Native content will likely be a growing vertical in the affiliate channel over the next 6 to 12 months.
  4. The FinTech publisher vertical has exploded. This channel includes lots of new publisher partnership opportunities for advertisers who fit into the FinTech vertical. There are also opportunities available to non-FinTech advertisers during Q4.
  5. Now more than ever, large content sites and brands are coming to see the value in working with advertisers directly. This is especially encouraging for agencies and advertisers. Th presents much more opportunity to partner directly for deeper integrations with large name brands.
  6. Finally, our team was excited to hear that many publishers are growing quickly, leading to adaption to affiliate’s evolving space. This adaptation offers emerging new technology, platforms working to accommodate agency goals, and different ways to expand publisher relationships.

Do these highlights align with your initiatives? Ignite OPM would love to learn more about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish in the affiliate channel. Reach out now and connect with the Ignite team.

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