Understanding Affiliate Marketing Management

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliate marketing leverages third-party publishers to promote products or services to a targeted pool of potential buyers. Using a combination of creative content, marketing promotions, and various digital channels, these publishers, also known as affiliates, are responsible for driving visitors from their traffic sources to a CPA landing page, call-to-action, or point of sale set by the marketer or brand. 

A commission is only paid to the affiliate upon the consumer’s completion of the marketer’s desired action. This cost per acquisition (CPA) model is mutually beneficial to both affiliates and advertisers, but at scale, can become complicated to manage without the know-how of a professional affiliate marketing management agency.

What is Affiliate Program Management?

Affiliate program management encompasses the process of recruiting and onboarding affiliate partners, enforcing and monitoring brand compliance, ongoing strategic campaign optimizations, opportunity analysis and performance reporting, as well as having access to an experienced account management team.

Establishing a relationship with an affiliate agency not only alleviates the day-to-day management of your affiliate program, but also provides extensive experience, expertise, and established affiliate relationships to improve and grow your affiliate program’s profitability.

One of the most difficult aspects of affiliate program management is growing it to scale. Most businesses that launch affiliate programs want to grow their programs quickly, and this is where agencies can present the greatest value. 

Experienced agencies have established relationships with the best affiliates in any given vertical, which can expedite or eliminate the need for recruiting and onboarding new affiliates. Being able to accelerate the adoption of your affiliate program with affiliates that will generate targeted traffic is something most in-house affiliate managers just cannot do quickly or often even successfully.    

Benefits Of An Affiliate Management Agency

Although some companies are able to launch and scale their affiliate programs in-house, effectively managing an affiliate program has evolved significantly over the years. As affiliate programs and partnerships become increasingly complicated, navigating advanced campaigns, evolving relationships, and results can grow frustrating and difficult. 

By partnering with an affiliate management agency, brands gain access to the combined expertise of seasoned account managers skilled in multiple disciplines including compliance, affiliate relationships, and technology. The affiliate agency team will not only offer diverse skillsets but lend both strategic insight and creativity to achieve each brand’s unique marketing goals.

At Perform[cb] Agency we set ourselves apart by:

  • Taking the time to understand each brand’s unique needs and matching those needs with the most effective affiliate partnerships possible
  • Identifying, introducing, and implementing marketing strategies that align with the brand’s growth objectives and improve ROI
  • Ensuring marketing compliance by helping brands develop and enforce clear compliance guidelines that comply with national regulations and ensure brand safety
  • Analyzing and presenting regular campaign reporting in a clear and useful manner to optimize ongoing marketing initiatives

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