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In-House vs Agency Affiliate Program Management

Posted By Tim Wittmann on May 27 2021
Read how Perform[cb] increased order volume, revenue, and more for a brand that took their in-house affiliate program to Perform[cb] Agency.

Fashion Brand Increases Revenue Year Over Year With Affiliate Agency

Posted By Holly Barnes on Mar 3 2020
Results 118% Increase in Revenue Year over Year 92% Increase in Clicks 131% Increase in Orders Objective This well-known fashion brand came to Perform[cb] Agency looking to…

Children’s Brand Sees Increased Sales with Exclusive Promotions

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Mar 11 2019
This children’s brand wanted to test exclusive and semi-exclusive promotions for a month to determine uplift, incremental sales volume, and impacted publisher channels.

Commission Increases Directly Correlated with Increased Conversions

Posted By Tim Wittmann on Mar 11 2019
Knowing this financial app wanted to increase the volume in their affiliate program, Ignite OPM worked with the brand to increase the program’s volume by optimizing partner commissions.