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151% Increase on Targeted
Content Using
Semi-Exclusive Promotions

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46% Month over Month
Increase from
Exclusive Discounts


Ahead of their prime shopping season, this children’s brand wanted to learn what type of promotions would provide the most incremental lift between exclusive vs. semi-exclusive.


Perform[cb] Agency devised a strategy to A/B test exclusive and semi-exclusive promotions vs. one another, as well as to test specific promotions within each category. In turn, exclusive coupons drove the most lift, incremental sales, and increased exposure on targeted publisher channels. 


Perform[cb] was able to take the learnings from their A/B testing which identified the best exclusive and limited-time promotions to drive more sales over the brand’s key selling season. This resulted in this children’s brand seeing a 151% increase in placements on targeted content sites and a 46% Month-over-Month increase from exclusive coupon promotions.