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2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for Success

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jan 5 2022
Perform[cb] unveils the latest trends and consumer insights digital marketers should prepare for to successfully drive ROI in 2022.

Top 3 Ways to Drive Incremental Sales & Higher ROI from Coupon Sites in Affiliate Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jul 19 2018
Looking to drive incremental sales and gain higher ROI from coupon sites through your affiliate marketing channels? Read on to learn Ignite’s top three tips for doing just that! 1. Create Coupons with Minimums Create coupons with a minimum amount attached to them, such as 10% off $75, instead of just 10% off. In doing so, this will naturally increase the Average Order Value (AOV), while simultaneously increasing ROI. In addition to almost doubling clients’ AOV, Ignite OPM conducts A/B testing to determine the coupon that will convert best with the highest AOV.


Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 21 2018
ROI in mobile affiliate marketing is a hot topic in 2018. Years of working hand in hand with some of the industry’s top publishers and advertisers has gained Ignite some serious insight as to how mobile affiliate marketing can slay your ROI goals. Read on to discover Ignite’s proven seven ways to gain a higher ROI from your mobile affiliate marketing.

Budget Groups & Pixel Groups: Our Newest Affiliate Marketing Technology Update

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 19 2016
At Clickbooth, our vision is to empower our advertisers to scale their ROIs, using our one-of-a-kind technology to deliver consistency, quality and scale. The Clickbooth Performance Exchange offers performance advertisers more control than ever over their marketing spends with features like device and geo targeting as well as dayparting.
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