2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for Success

The ball has dropped and we are five days into the new year – why wait any longer to implement a winning digital marketing strategy? In order to ensure all 2022 ROI resolutions are not only met, but exceeded, digital marketers need to be aware of the biggest trends and consumer insights expected to lead the industry through the year ahead. From a nearly 2-year-long global pandemic to user privacy regulations that seem to constrict by the day, we’ve seen marketers across the world handle just about anything. To restore consumers’ trust and successfully engage with them across the latest digital channels, a thoughtfully-crafted strategy must be in place. 

Quality over Quantity: Consumers Want To Engage

Crafting innovative ways to connect with consumers will be the key to capturing their attention and spending power moving forward in the digital world. By making transparency a priority, brands can continue to overcome the uphill battle to rebuild consumer trust. In 2021, we saw it all – pandemic-induced struggles, staff shortages, delayed shipping, and supply chain complications. From user-generated content to retaining Gen-Z’s buying power, marketers must learn to balance a constantly evolving strategy with proactive media buying and thoughtful content planning. 

Advertising Continues to be Challenged by Privacy Regulations

Unless you’ve been hiding under a digital rock, it’s no surprise that marketers continue to struggle with ongoing privacy restrictions and data hurdles. While marketers spent much of 2021 constantly adapting their strategies to keep their campaigns compliant, this year will undoubtedly spawn additional privacy standards to adopt. Big Data providers, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple have all slowly begun to take strides towards stronger user privacy capabilities – but much progress is still to be made. For advertisers looking to engage consumers across new digital channels, transparency will be the key to their hearts (and wallets) – this may require a shift away from advertising with these Big Data platforms. From Apple’s iOS 14 and SKAN updates, to ongoing omnichannel compliance changes, it’s no longer an option to ignore the impact that user privacy updates will have on advertising. How will your business remain center stage, while still increasing conversions and scale? Marketers have to be proactive or risk not being able to advertise at all. 

Marketers can all agree that consumers are looking for personalized, engaging content – but the real question is, which channels should be employed to reach them? Long gone are the days where a single channel will accomplish a marketer’s ROI goals. Taking an omnichannel approach will push consumers further down the buyer’s funnel, but it is up to marketers to understand which channels are best at reaching their intended audience. From pay-per-call (PPC) and video, to social commerce and influencer marketing, marketers can unlock increased customer lifetime value by investing in 2022’s most lucrative traffic types. A new year means a fresh start – it’s time to invest in new channels and test the boundaries of your digital marketing success.

The beginning of the year is the time to keep an eye out for ascending trends and hit the ground running with fresh ideas. While the next twelve months remain unknown, there is one thing that digital marketers can rely on – Perform[cb]’s 2022 Digital Trends Guide. Upon downloading this guide, marketers will be armed with this year’s most profitable trends and the knowledge to make data-driven decisions, ultimately resulting in long-term ROI. 

What to Expect in this Guide:

  • New strategies to effectively engage and convert consumers, while standing out amongst competitors
  • How your brand can remain compliant and continue to scale, while user privacy regulations continue to evolve
  • Top performing channels to invest in to increase customer acquisition, lifetime value, and ROI
  • Access to four exclusive Perform[cb] client success stories using these trends and more

Download your copy of the Guide to 2022 Digital Marketing Trends here

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