ROI in mobile affiliate marketing is a hot topic in 2018. Years of working hand in hand with some of the industry’s top publishers and advertisers have gained Ignite some serious insight as to how mobile affiliate marketing can slay your ROI goals. Read on to discover Ignite’s proven seven ways to gain a higher ROI from your mobile affiliate marketing.

1. Look beyond the install. Although it’s CPI (Cost-Per-Install) traffic, your strategy needs to back into the overall CPA (Cost-Per-Action/Sale) goal – as the same as a typical affiliate program. Ignite OPM is entirely data-driven, in that we work to ensure publishers are able to scale high-quality affiliates through premium placements. This can only be accomplished by understanding the ultimate goal of the brand.

2. Keep quality high through small tests and non-incentive traffic. At the beginning, cap publishers, determine quality, and then scale the partnerships that have proven themselves capable of successful growth. Don’t spend for the sake of spending, confirm publisher quality to gain the highest ROI.

3. Build relationships with publishers. Dive deeper into relationships to optimize payouts to scale. In building these relationships, you come to understand their goals on a weekly to quarterly basis, enabling you to be the first to know about placement opportunities. If your publisher is happy, the higher the likelihood they will take on the risk of CPI marketing campaign and payout.

4. Optimize on a per publisher basis. Higher quality publishers pay more, thus sending more traffic to your offer, and ultimately maintaining a higher ROI.

5. Monitor and maintain compliance controls. Our compliance team analyzes traffic in a variety of ways. We have built proprietary fraud tools that enable us to monitor re-brokering, click spamming, click injection, and attribution fraud. We also monitor campaigns daily by looking at things such as click-to-install time, IPs, user agents and browsers to ensure quality traffic is being delivered.

6. Adjust your payout to stay in line with or outbid your competitors (both direct and indirect). That means you have to do a full competitive analysis on a regular basis. If a publisher gets paid more from your competitor, then they will stop running your offer, causing completions and sales to collapse.

7. Optimize user experience from install to KPI conversion point. Utilize app abandonment and re-targeting tools. Desktop once showed a 10% drop-off per field, with mobile drop-offs being even higher. Educate the user throughout their customer journey by only asking for fields that are an absolute necessity.

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