Stop Wasting Ad Spend on Clickbait with Outcome-Based Marketing

Have you ever clicked on an enticing ad, only to find yourself disappointed by the content it led to? If so, you’ve fallen victim to clickbait, also known as made-for-advertising inventory (MFA), designed to lure users into converting on content with false promises. 

Despite efforts within the industry to combat this fraudulent tactic, marketers continue to allocate substantial budgets to advertising on clickbait sites, whether they intend to or not. Let’s uncover how marketers can confidently invest in channels and publishers that drive high-intent customers through an authentic, outcome-based omnichannel approach – AKA, only paying for real outcomes versus fake clicks and impressions.

Clickbait: Short-Term Clicks, Long-Term Consequences

Clickbait relies on exaggeration or misleading information to grab attention, often promising more than it delivers in actual content. This disconnect between expectation and reality can significantly harm your brand’s reputation and diminish user trust.

While clickbait may yield short-term gains in terms of clicks or views, it ultimately leads to long-term losses like wasted ad spend and poor lead quality. Shockingly, around $10 billion, approximately 15% of programmatic ad spend, went towards MFA websites last year alone. Here’s how clickbait can adversely affect your brand:

  • Decreased trust: Users feel deceived when clickbait promises are not met, eroding trust in the brand.
  • Loss of credibility: Consistent use of clickbait tactics damages a brand’s credibility as users become wary of engaging with its content.
  • User frustration: Clickbait leaves users feeling misled or disappointed, leading to negative perceptions of the brand.
  • Increased bounce rates: Users who click on clickbait content only to find it irrelevant are likely to leave quickly, resulting in higher bounce rates and negative impacts on website metrics and search engine rankings.

Pay Only For Real Results

Outcome-based marketing (OBM) shifts the focus from measuring success based on clicks or impressions to actual events and conversions, such as installs, subscriptions, sales, sign-ups, calls, or other desired metrics. Marketers only spend on genuine conversions that align with the outcome, safeguarding them from wasted ad spend. This approach fosters more meaningful interactions with customers, leading to improved ROI and no reliance on clickbait tactics.

Emphasizing real value to users is crucial for building trust and loyalty, as 83% of consumers refuse to do business with brands they don’t trust. By prioritizing genuine engagement and delivering on promises, OBM fosters trust and drives long-term success.

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Leverage Data-Driven Insights

Marketers can break free from the cycle of paying for clickbait by leveraging the power of outcome-based marketing (OBM) to unlock data-driven insights into the consumer journey. This data not only helps identify potential fraud but also reveals the channels and ad placements that attract high-intent customers. By understanding the ROAS of their campaigns, marketers can establish optimization loops to maximize success.

Implementing attribution models allows for precise tracking of marketing impacts across various touchpoints, enabling marketers to tailor strategies to target audiences effectively. Embracing a data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts align with tangible outcomes, diminishing reliance on clickbait and enhancing overall return on investment.

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Goodbye Clickbait, Hello Customers with Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM)

What is this, 2011? Today’s internet users are more savvy than ever, and outdated clickbait tactics won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to upgrade to an outcome-based marketing (OBM) strategy to surpass your customer acquisition goals. Let’s shift our focus from short-term clicks to long-term outcomes, prioritizing value, trust, and authenticity.

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