Outcome-Based Marketing

Scale Customer Acquisition with Perform[cb]‘s AI-powered Outcome Engine

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 14 2024
Discover how Perform[cb] leverages our AI-powered media buying engine and machine-learning technology to deliver exceptional performance for our marketers.

Stop Wasting Ad Spend on Clickbait with Outcome-Based Marketing

Posted By Matthew Lord on Apr 22 2024
Explore how you can go from clickbait to customers and only pay for real results with outcome-based marketing.

Selecting the Right Traffic Channel(s) For Your User Acquisition Campaigns

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 16 2024
Uncover the strengths of display, social, and programmatic ads to choose the best channel for your acquisition campaigns.

The Future of App Marketing: User Acquisition Trends to Watch

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 3 2024
Uncover the latest trends in mobile user acquisition and strategies to maximize impact in 2024.

The Mobile Manual: Your Complete User Acquisition Guide

Posted By Perform[cb] on Mar 21 2024
Unlock the experts’ guide to driving outcome-based user acquisition in Perform[cb]’s new Mobile Manual.

Perform[cb] Outcome Engine Leaders Share 2024 Predictions

Posted By Perform[cb] on Feb 26 2024
Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine leaders provide pivotal advertising insights and trend predictions for the year ahead. Learn more!

CAPitalizing on Innovation: Perform[cb] 2023 Tech Releases

Posted By Julie Martin on Jan 29 2024
As the new year begins, we’re highlighting the standout releases that amplified our marketer’s customer acquisition growth in 2023.

OBM In a Nutshell: Top Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM) Verticals and Industries

Posted By Perform[cb] on Dec 12 2023
Discover key verticals thriving in outcome-based marketing (OBM) such as e-commerce, finance, health and wellness, mobile apps, and downloads and software.

OBM In a Nutshell: Benefits of Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM)

Posted By Perform[cb] on Dec 6 2023
Explore the game-changing benefits of outcome-based marketing (OBM) for your brand.

OBM In a Nutshell: How Do You Measure Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM)?

Posted By Perform[cb] on Nov 27 2023
Discover how to measure an outcome-based marketing (OBM) strategy to achieve your brand’s customer acquisition goals.
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