Perform[cb] Agency Announces Launch of the VitaMedica Affiliate Program

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the VitaMedica affiliate program!

For over 25 years, VitaMedica’s innovative nutritional supplements have been recommended by thousands of doctors, now serving over one-million patients to support muscle recovery, promote skin health, and enhance overall wellness. Dr. David H. Rahm, VitaMedica’s founder, medical director, and product formulator has always been a firm believer in the value of taking a scientific approach to health.

As a respected leader in the beauty and wellness space, VitaMedica’s premium-quality products are guided by science and proven through clinical experience. VitaMedica offers an integrated group of natural products focused on three primary areas: recovery, skin, and overall wellness. From rigorous screening of raw materials to manufacturing, testing, and caring for natural resources, VitaMedica has a strong focus on maintaining a healthy balance not only with our bodies but also with our environment. Whether you’re interested in recovery, healthy aging, or overall wellness, VitaMedica supports consumers on their journey to better health. With features in popular publications such as Shape, New Beauty, and InStyle, it’s evident that VitaMedica is an industry leader in natural healing supplements. 

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to scale VitaMedica’s affiliate program by strategically revamping the program’s overall promotional structure and leveraging industry best practices. Utilizing a full-funnel approach, the team plans to tap into our curated partner marketplace and onboard high-quality awareness and conversion partners in the wellness vertical to increase VitaMedica’s brand recognition and new subscriber base. 

The Perform[cb] Agency team is excited to work as an extension of VitaMedica’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program. 

Learn more about the VitaMedica affiliate program!

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