Celebrating Women’s History Month: Becca Abdul-Aal, Employee Spotlight Series

With a workforce of 50% women (compared to the tech industry average of only 26%),  Perform[cb] is proud to be a women-led company. We believe that our female colleagues are contributing to the collective history of all women in business every day, and as we enter Women’s History Month, we want to spotlight a few of our female team members to learn what motivates them, who their mentors are, and more.

Our first spotlight goes to Becca Abdul-Aal, Director of Technical Operations. Becca has been with Perform[cb] for over 6 years. Her day-to-day consists of a little bit of everything, working closely with our marketers and partners, as well as helping to oversee our proprietary tracking platform.

Q: Which female historical figure has been an inspiration to you?

Rosa Parks is my inspiration! She shows us the value in taking one small step for ourselves and how that action can unknowingly grow into something much greater. Her example illustrates how one person is truly capable of moving mountains and making a positive difference in this world, a lesson that I’ll never forget.

Q: If you have a role model or female figure of inspiration within Perform[cb], please provide some details around who they are and how they inspire or drive you?

All of the women at Perform[cb], especially the working moms, inspire me on a daily basis! This group of women really rallied behind me during my journey to motherhood and words cannot describe how much their support has meant to me, especially as I welcomed my son into the world this year and joined the working mom’s club! It’s really impossible to name just one, but I have to give major credit to Cara Redding (EVP of Operations) and Julie Martin (VP of Product Development) – without these two women, I absolutely would not be where I am in my life (both personally and professionally). They are the definition of hustle and heart.

Q: As a working mother, how does the company support your work-life balance?

Perform[cb] makes it easy – family comes first! I’m always given the flexibility to do what I need to do to take care of my family while also making sure I’m taking care of myself. I can’t tell you how many times my manager has jokingly said she would revoke my work access just so I could take care of myself! I always push back but am grateful that the emphasis is always on me as a person versus me as an employee.

Q: If you could give your teenage or childhood self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Be confident, love yourself, and most importantly – take care of yourself! We are nothing without our health, so learn to love your mind and body and manifest greatness! Also, when life feels heavy just remember this – we are meant to climb mountains, not carry them.

Q: How has Perform[cb] helped nurture your career development?

Wow, where do I start? When I first started working at Perform[cb], the biggest goal I had for myself was simple: re-writing the training materials (haha). At the time I had yet to tap into my drive and passion for what I did, but that quickly changed when I was given an opportunity to step up during some major company changes. 

I always say that growth comes from discomfort, and there were many times that Perform[cb] pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me to think outside the box. Because of Perform[cb], I developed from a timid, behind-these-scenes wanting to re-write the manual type of woman into a leader. I’m very grateful for every step it took in between to get there.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Perform[cb]’s company culture?

When describing the company I work for, I always tell people how getting my coffee in the morning from the bistro (our break room) always felt like you were walking into your own kitchen – and when others would join, you’d say good morning and strike up a conversation just like you would with your own family. We are all family here, and it makes my job feel like home. The people here just don’t compare to the people elsewhere, and I love that Perform[cb] really pushes team events and activities, even if we have to do so virtually because of Covid-19!

Q: What would be your advice to other women entering this industry?

Be a sponge and soak up knowledge anywhere you can! Ask to sit in on the meetings, learn the new skill, or take on the additional responsibility. Go-getters don’t get unnoticed! 

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I know all (well, most) of the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang.

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