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Robinhood has enabled millions of people to invest since launching in 2015. A military veteran invests in ETFs, hoping to make his money grow. A recent college grad puts her graduation gift into her favorite stock. blockchain enthusiast buys a cryptocurrency. Are you an affiliate looking to run the Robinhood Affiliate Program? Join now!

As A Robinhood Publisher, You’ll Receive The Following Program Perks:

  • 30-Day Cookie Window
  • A variety of updated creative
  • Dedicated Account Management team

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Who is Robinhood?

Robinhood believes the financial system should be built to work for everyone. That’s why they create products that let you start investing at your own pace, on your own terms.

What makes Robinhood unique?

The Robinhood founders discovered that big Wall Street firms were paying next-to-nothing to trade stocks, while most Americans were charged commission for every single trade. They wanted to change that, so they built a financial product that would give everyone—not just the wealthy—access to financial markets.

What does the Robinhood affiliate program offer?

30 Day Cookie, a variety of updated creative, and support from a dedicated account management team.

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