Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the Cove Affiliate Program

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of the Cove affiliate program!

Founded in 2018, Cove is an online migraine clinic that provides personalized and affordable migraine care across the U.S. With Cove, customers have access to doctors who specialize in migraine treatment. Cove makes it easy for customers to message a licensed professional from the comfort of their home, and get clinically proven prescription medication delivered to their doorstep. Cove believes in the importance of individualized treatment, and demonstrates that belief by offering their patients more than 20 affordable prescription options.

During patients’ online consultation, Cove will connect them with a Cove doctor to discuss their symptoms and discover which treatment plans might work best for them. After their initial consultation, the doctor will prescribe patients a personalized supply of FDA-approved medication that will then be delivered to their homes. Once customers start the medication, it’s encouraged to use Cove’s online migraine tracker to see how well treatment is working. Adjustments can then be made until patients find the right fit. 

Perform[cb] Agency is excited to partner with high-reach content providers and upper-funnel sites to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition through a cost-per-lead campaign. The agency plans to recruit and develop partnerships with new content publishers in the wellness and telehealth space, as well as re-engage and optimize existing partners.

The Perform[cb] Agency team is excited to work as an extension of Cove’s marketing team to align strategy and secure the successful scale of their affiliate program.

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