The Mobile Manual: Your Complete User Acquisition Guide

Your app’s ideal users are eagerly waiting to engage with it. However, without a carefully crafted user acquisition strategy, you risk losing them to your competitors.

We’ve got the key to creating and sustaining a successful outcome-based user acquisition approach – and we’re sharing it with you! Perform[cb]’s newest guide, The Mobile Manual: Your Complete Guide to Mobile App User Acquisition, gives you all the tools and tips needed to construct a thriving user acquisition campaign. 

The Mobile Manual: Your Complete User Acquisition Guide

Let’s take the guesswork out of engaging and converting your ideal users. Upon downloading this guide, app marketers like yourself will be armed with actionable strategies across trending channels, competitive optimizations, and common challenges to look out for when driving incremental user acquisition at scale.

What to Expect in this Guide:

  • The top channels for scale in 2024 – display, programmatic, reward, and more… 
  • How to optimize towards down-funnel events and track ongoing engagement metrics for efficient ad spend
  • Common challenges for today’s user acquisition manager and actionable solutions
  • Future-proofing your user acquisition strategy with AI-powered, high-value placements

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