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7,460% Increase in Clicks YoY

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334% Increase in Orders YoY

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41% Increase in Orders MoM


Drizly, an alcohol delivery service that delivers a variety of beer, wine, and spirits directly from local retailers to customers’ doorsteps, was looking to drive incremental new customer acquisition during peak seasonality with Perform[cb] Agency while remaining within their incremental customer acquisition cost (iCAC) goal.


To prepare for peak seasonality, the Agency team began building strong relationships with top editorial teams during Q3. Additionally, the Agency team shifted its strategy towards the higher incremental partnerships and decreased payouts on those yielding lower incrementality to maintain Drizly’s low iCAC.

Understanding that an awareness-funnel conversion is approximately five times more valuable to the brand than a conversion-funnel transaction, the Agency team invested in custom recruitment to ensure proven high-quality awareness-funnel editorial partners. By investing in additional awareness media placements, Perform[cb] was able to build momentum leading up to and during Drizly’s peak seasonality while keeping the iCAC down.


By recruiting proven high-quality awareness-funnel editorial partners, building strong relationships early on, and pivoting their payout strategy, Perform[cb] Agency was able to incrementally increase customer acquisition during Drizly’s peak seasonality. Additionally, while keeping Drizly’s iCAC well under goal, the Agency team was able to test additional new high-quality editorial partners. By creating strong relationships with top editorial partners prior to peak seasonality, the team was able to increase Drizly’s ROAS by 53% and clicks by 7460% year-over-year. Perform[cb] was able to drive a 41% increase in orders month-over-month.