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Available in 20% More US States

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22,240 Total Bets Driven

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1,632 Dormant Users Reactivated


A popular sports betting marketer came to the Perform[cb] Outcome Engine looking to generate new users and maximize their reach. The marketer’s primary goal was to reach a variety of US states with active sports betting licenses.


Perform[cb] engaged new users by implementing lookalike audiences (LAL) along with a combination of weekly new creatives and promotions provided by the marketer. The Perform[cb] team utilized historical data from similar sports betting campaigns to construct the LAL. To supplement scale and maximize reach, the Outcome Engine team optimized various traffic placements and segments geared toward customers with the highest lifetime value (LTV). Perform[cb] continued scaling the campaign’s reach by maximizing approval on all possible DMAs.


This campaign drove 57% of users to convert and perform First Time Deposits (FTD), with 89% of FTDs converting to become new active players. Perform[cb] ultimately drove this campaign to yield 22,240 total bets with 77% of the engaged users making more than one bet. While increasing new user acquisition was one of the client’s primary KPIs, Perform[cb] was also able to reactivate 1,631 dormant users in just one year. This marketer is now seeing users in 20% more US states with active sports betting licenses.