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88% Increase in Revenue YoY


QuietKat, a leading electric bike manufacturer, was in search of an affiliate agency to help them expand their growth by increasing customer acquisition across top digital channels. QuietKat came to Perform[cb] with a dual objective of expanding their brand’s presence in the e-commerce and sports vertical and driving new customers, all while maintaining ROAS.


The Agency team devised a comprehensive strategy for QuietKat, focusing on a full-funnel approach. They recommended recruiting awareness-funnel partners, including review sites, to enhance brand visibility, while expanding into the consideration and conversion space by partnering with deal partners and leveraging top card-linking publishers, such as Figg, to further drive high-value customer growth.

To boost consumer visibility, the agency team offered high-quality content publishers gifted merchandise such as eBikes and accessories in exchange for dedicated product reviews. As a final push to encourage interested consumers to convert, Perform[cb] introduced QuietKat to top-performing deal and loyalty partners, offering competitive CPA increase opportunities.


As a result of strategic recruitment and optimization efforts across the entire funnel, QuietKat saw a 967% increase in productive partners in just one year. By working closely with high-quality content partners and collaborating on product review listicles, Perform[cb] was able to incrementally increase brand awareness for QuietKat, resulting in the e-bike brand seeing a 432% increase in clicks year over year. Additionally, through competitive CPA increases for top deal and loyalty partners, QuietKat achieved a 171% increase in sales, plus an 88% increase in revenue in one year, all while maintaining efficient ROAS. 


I highly recommend Perform[cb] as they have been a great partner for QuietKat, allowing the brand to tap into new audiences across core verticals through dedicated articles and reviews, as well as driving direct sales through unique promotions and employee rewards programs. Their expertise and connections have been a tremendous benefit. If you don’t have dedicated in-house resources that know affiliate inside and out, then you need Perform[cb].” 

– Seth Hawk, Director of Ecommerce at QuietKat

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